I confront you about a brand new clothing item i found neatly folded inside your closet, that I asked about in detail just days before and you said you hadnt seen it. You try to turn it around on me saying, “why would I steal it, your way smaller than mr. What do you want me to do??” x5. (You fit into my xs vest before I dont want to hear that garbage) i havent said a word to you since. Youre finally gone today, and you leave behind 2 garbage bags, which im guessing you wont be taking care of, so thats my job, a cat litter box with crap still inside, 3 shoe boxes, a box full of trash, and damage on a house and furniture that isnt even mine. You left your room a f-in disaster, and didnt offer to clean it. Didnt even appolagize for any of it. And didnt thank us for anything we did. Goodbye forever, good luck having other people put up with it as long as we did.
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