I just found this site cuz I was browsing the net looking for stuff about bad roommates. I’m a only child and never have roomed with anyone before this year now that I’m in the dorms. We had to fill out this profile thing and the college puts in a room with someone they think will match your profile so I got stuck with John. At first I was all cool with John cuz he was real nice and all that. Like our third night in the room about a half hour after we went to bed I hear John moving around a lot in his bed and I look over and in the dark I see John’s sheets moving up and down and I’m thinking wow! The dude’s jacking off!

I just ignored it and he went on for like fifteen minutes then I see him climb out of bed and wipe off his stomach with a dirty shirt he left on the floor then he climbed back into bed. So like this goes on every night for the next week and even a couple mornings before the sun comes up then one night we just get to bed and he starts talking to me and I can tell he’s like nervous about something so I ask him whats up and he asks me if I like to jack off. I’m like thinking okay dude whats up with this and say to him yeah sorta but I’d rather get down with my girlfriend and he answers that he really likes to jack off. So I say yeah I know I hear you do it every night dude and he asks me of I mind. I just said whatever dude, whatever turns your crank I don’t care. So now he starts jacking off the second he gets into bed and don’t care if I’m awake or not. Then one night he pulls down his sheet instead of doing it under the covers while I’m still sitting at my desk with my reading light on studying. I like glance over and think whatever dude and ignore him and he’s at it for like 15 minutes then he gets up, wipes off his stomach with a dirty shirt and walks over to my desk with his boner still sticking out and asks me what I’m reading then says goodnight I’m going to sleep. I just say yeah, goodnight and kept studying. Man, it gets worse- when a couple days later its Sunday night and we just get to bed and he asks me how I like to jack off and I just say dude, in the shower, leave me alone and go to sleep and he says he was just wondering. He’s quiet for a couple minutes then he asks me if I wanna jack off with him and he starts telling me about his friend in high school and how they used to jack off together all the time and that it was real fun. I don’t wanna be a jerk or anything and John really is a nice dude so I just say no thanks, not tonight and roll over and he starts jacking off, finishes, says good night and goes to sleep. So like a couple more weeks go by and he asks me a couple more times a couple nights if I wanna jack off with him and I finally say if I do will you shut up and quit asking me all the time and he says okay. So that’s the weirdest thing I ever done and when we finish I say happy now dude and he says yeah that was fun and we go to sleep. He stopped asking me and I’m thinking everythings cool now, just let him do his thing and ignore him. Then the weekend before thanksgiving break his friend from high school comes by and stays in our room for the weekend. He slept on a blow-up mattress in his sleeping bag between our beds. So like Friday night we all just get to bed and John says to his friend let’s jack off my roommate don’t care and he pulls down his covers and starts in and his friend joins him and I’m thinking god, I don’t believe this is happening then the next thing I look over and there jacking each other off then the next night they do it again and ask me if I wanna join them. I’m like dude, no, I’m cool and just roll over and ignore them. So the next day his friend leaves and he’s saying to me that he hopes I don’t think he’s gay or anything cuz he’s not and I just say whatever dude. So right now I’m looking for someone to trade rooms with and haven’t told John yet but I hope I can find someone cuz that dude is really weirding me out.
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  1. oldhat says:

    Had a roommate like that too- posted about him on here along time ago. He had a huge porn collection and would sit in his lounge chair in front of the TV and masturbate right in front of me, plus he had friends that came over and watched porn and masturbated with him. I’ve seen postings on other sites too about guys living in dorms who either masturbated with their roommates in the room or their roommates did the deed with them in the room. Pretty hard getting any privacy in a dorm room…

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