Worst Decision EVER!

I live in a house with 3 others girls. The one room had to be filled with a random person we found online. She seemed great at first, seemed to have close family ties and a lot going for her. She claimed to be working full time while in school and playing a varsity sport. We expected a busy and responsible roommate. She also warned us that she had a cat who was hypoallergenic so my severe allergy to cats shouldn’t be a problem.

It wasn’t too long after she moved in that we began to notice things weren’t adding up. There was no cat; even though school was out for the summer, she wasn’t working anywhere close to full time hours; stories she had told in the past had changed; etc. 3 days after moving in, she threw a party when I had to work the next morning. Her friends were terribly rude and left a ridiculous mess which took her days to clean up.

Soon after she moved in, we started noticing that even though she was provided a key, she was leaving the door unlocked when she left. Being in an area that is subject to break-ins, we told her that she needs to lock the door behind her. She, without argument, agreed. We starting noticing after that conversation that the front door would be locked when she left, but our patio door was unlocked. She began using our patio door to come and go, leaving the blinds closed in front of it so we wouldn’t notice. She eventually broke the blinds by sneaking behind them to leave and we eventually locked her out with the assumption she would return, we would let her in and discuss it. She didn’t come home for 3 days! She finally returned at 11pm with friends, rang the doorbell aggressively and said she must have lost her key. We discussed the importance of locking the door and not losing her key, and her solution to the problem was to make 30 copies of the key and give them to everyone she knows! Obviously, that was shot down pretty quickly. After we gave her the new key, she continued to use the patio door to come and go! We founds this pretty confusing as she was JUST given a key. We finally said enough is enough, and she confessed she didn’t know how to use a key…

A couple weeks later, the mysterious cat finally arrives and is far from hypoallergenic! We find out the cat was feral before she adopted her, and is a mixed breed. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the misleading information she provided us, but she didn’t seem to care.

Now we get to the serious problem. I came home from work one day to the house wreaking of a certain drug. We approached her and made it very clear that we expected that to never happen in the house again. At first she denied it happened, then said she would take a drug test to prove she didn’t, then she admitted to it but said she was prescribed it for an anxiety disorder. We basically told her we don’t care and it better not happen again. None of this was ever proven with a prescription of any sort. We have small pets in the house which are effected by the fumes, let alone the legal issues connected. Even though we discussed this, it obviously happened again, this time she denied it completely and came up with the ridiculous reasoning that the smell must have blown in through her window from someone else smoking it outside.

She is also constantly on the phone at all hours of the night and talks very loudly right outside my bedroom. She throws parties all the time and trashes the house. She threw a party on a Thursday night when I had an interview the next morning. She has a feral kitten to take care of and she has left her without food and/or water on multiple occasions, and she is home maybe 20% of the time to even see her cat. She has been late paying the rent and paying me for internet. She leaves her laundry and clothes everywhere. She has consumed our garage with her belongings. Her bathtub is the most disgusting thing I have seen in a while, with dirt cemented to the tub.

To top it all off, she is convinced that I have a problem with her because I am jealous of her. She says she refuses to continue to be victimized by me. Hah! She calls me a prude and a miserable shrew because I ask her to keep drugs out of the home we all share.
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