Worst DEADBEAT Roomate Ever

A little over a year ago I moved to a small town in Nebraska. I was living with family and I didn’t know anyone else, so I went on craigslist to find a friend. I met this guy named Mike. He was a super nice guy, but very odd. I didn’t have a car so I would bum rides off Mike, and he was always cool about it. I eventually got tired of living with family, so Mike offered to live with him. I moved into his place and started working where Mike worked. Everything was great at first, but then Mike kept having issues at work.

I think the guy was overworked or whatever. Mike told me he wanted to quit so I told him to find another job first. One day Mike got in an argument with a supervisor and he just decided to quit. I guess he felt this was his opportunity. I was pissed at him because it wasn’t worth it and rent was due soon. Mike said it was ok, and I just hoped he would start looking for a job.

For a whole week, all Mike did was sleep. I figured after the first week he would get serious.. Well, no. The second week he just applied to ONE place. That’s it. He was hopeful he would get the job, he didn’t. We paid the rent, but then he didn’t have enough for the other bills. I paid them and told him to pay me back once he starts working. His brother was having issues so Mike invited him over to live with us, and who was I to say no to his family. Well, his brother NEVER chipped in for anything. His brother also ended up quitting his job! All his brother did after that was sleep on the couch. I talked to Mike about it and he said he would talk to him.. IT NEVER HAPPENED. To make things worst, Mike and I would ride to work together, it was the only car, and one day his brother took his car joyriding and never came home! We had to take a cab to work. One month later Mike was still unemployed and I paid the rent. I made more than enough, but I was pissed.

Mike and his brother kept sleeping. By the time the rent was due again I told Mike I have had it and was leaving. I told him to PLEASE pay me back once he gets the job and his reply was “I’ll try.” Well, he never did. He eventually got evicted and I have tried contacting him about the money he owed me until one day I just gave up.
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