Will I Ever Learn?

After years of renting and having to deal with roommates- all but a few which were nightmares- a couple years ago I bought my own house and swore off roommates for ever. Then the beginning of the year I’m thinking that the house needs some work so I need some cash and I decide to rent out one of the bedrooms. $400 a month, plus 1/3rd utilities and they had to get their own landline phone if they wanted one. I went through an extensive interview process, rejecting three potential roommates finally settling on the younger brother of a female coworker who promised her brother was a good guy and would give me no problems. He had a good job as a Certified Massage Therapist at a local nursing home and did freelance massages on the side. He asked if he could use my other spare bedroom to do his freelance work and I agreed, but for an additional $50.00 a month rent. He smoked, which I didn’t like, but agreed that he would only smoke outdoors or in the garage and not leave cigarette butts all over the place.

Everything started out fine- he paid everything on time, was neat and clean, pretty much kept to himself- but I noticed he had really weird sleeping patterns. He would seem fine one minute- wide awake and chipper- then crash and fall asleep for hours, and he would miss quite a few days of work because he said he was too exhausted. But he was taking on quite a few clients for his freelance massages, even having them in on days he skipped work. I soon noticed that all his clients were older men but thought nothing of it. He said he was making a ton of money doing the freelance work so one day I asked him why he just didn’t quit his job and do nothing but freelance (he was contracted anyway, so he had no benefits) but he replied “no way! I like it too much there!” Then one day three months after he moved in- a Sunday and I had some friends over for a barbecue- he comes out of his room staggering and sort of roaming around the house then suddenly passes out standing up and crashes to the floor. One of my friends ran over and slapped him a bit to get him to wake up- he very briefly opened his eyes and mumbled that he was okay, just tired, then passed out again. We hauled him to his bedroom and got him in his bed. My friend told me that she thought he was definitely high on something so I went back to his room and nosed around a bit and found a small ziplock bag full of pills. I showed them to my friend- who is a nurse- and she immediately recognized most of them as Tylenol with Codeine, and the rest a mix of various strengths of muscle relaxers and pain pills. Five hours later, my friends are gone and he comes staggering out of his bedroom and starts wandering around the house like he’s looking for something. I let him putter around a bit, then walked up to him, held up that baggie of pills and said “Looking for these? What’s going on here?” The second he opened his mouth I knew he was lying- he said they were his prescriptions for his back problems so I asked him why they weren’t in bottles and asked them what they were (“Just aspirin and muscle relaxers and I threw out the bottles”). I let it go at that, but the next day I had a talk with his sister and found out that a couple years ago he spent three months at rehab for addiction to narcotics, but she thought he had been clean since. I informed her he was back on them and she promised to talk to him. He seemed to get better for about a month then I noticed that he wasn’t going to work at all anymore so I asked him about it and he tells me he quit and was going to do nothing but freelance massages now. Well, I had gotten to know a couple of his friends that he worked with and asked one of them- He didn’t quit, he was fired because they suspected he was stealing drugs from the residents at the nursing home. He started to take on more freelance work, charging $80 an hour. I found out that he was giving his customers- mostly all older men- massages with happy endings (one of his customers actually told me he just got the “best blow job he had ever had” as he was leaving the house). One day I get home from work and I smell cigarette smoke coming from his bedroom and I find an ashtray in the kitchen. Suddenly he stopped paying his share of the utilities and I got rent money “when he had it.” Then he wrecked his car. Three weeks later I get a call- he’s in jail and can I come pay his bail and get him out. He was busted for buying pain meds on a street corner and for possession of a controlled substance. Guess what? No one was willing to pay his bail. He’s still in jail awaiting trial and his sister is coming over this weekend to get all his stuff.
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  1. freewillie124 says:

    Had my fair share of junkies to deal with in my life. I never dealt with them long. Learned the hard way when the guy I was renting a room from rented another room to a heroin addict that was supposedly recovered. The guy stole from me and everyone else in the house, claimed to be not using but the needle tracks behind his knees told otherwise. Six months after he moved in he was found dead in a park.

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