Where do I start???

Believe me, my motto is just to get along. I mostly sit in my room watching torrent files on my laptop and try to do what this crazy person wants. But that isn’t enough for her. She wants me out there with her watching Dancing With the Stars and other garbage like that. She went of on me when, one week where I had driven about 700 miles in 4 days, she got pissed because I didn’t interact with her. Hello!!! I wasn’t home most of this week! And she is the MOST BORING PERSON on the face of the earth.

She is also a health Nazi and tried at first to insist I wash my expensive clothes in some smelly mix of vinegar and water like she does. And she wonders why her clothes are so nasty looking. The thing is, I don’t care WHAT she uses or what she eats but SHE CARES what I eat, use, etc. The funny thing is, she weighs like 300 pounds and has diabetes and is the most UNHEALTHY person I know. She sits on her fat ass all day in front of the TV eating some concoction of yoghurt out of a huge bucket. Kind of reminds me of Dax Shephard in Idiocracy and his toilet chair! She has a cat and rarely cleans the litterbox and the whole place smells like cat shit. Then when she DOES clean the litterbox, she puts the cat poop in a big bucket and collects it for a week or 2 until she thinks of taking it to the dump.

I rent a room from her and the rest of her crap is EVERYWHERE in this small 2 bedroom place. Even in MY ROOM where she keeps some huge armoire and a washer, dryer and microwave. All of this stuff is CRAP and she thinks it is worth a bunch of money.

She never cleans and uses this excuse that she has end stage diabetes to sit on her ass all day. Yeah, I have end-stage arthritis but that doesn’t stop me from trying to have as full of a life as possible. When I called her on this and her nasty childish behavior, she started to cry crocodile tears and tried to, once again, use her diabetes to get some sympathy. I refused to play along and called her the Roommate from Hell. She then got really mad, threw a hissy fit and said I had to move out. She doesn’t even OWN this place. The nice elderly couple that do own this place live upstairs and if I wanted to, I could go appeal https://www.yourcanadianpharmacy.net/arthritis-/celebrex/.

Oh yeah, she also cooks the worst smelling crap that is supposedly healthy, then puts it in the fridge, filling up the fridge and freezer (which has frozen stuff from probably a DECADE AGO) and then eventually she eats it and becomes really sick. Duh!

Supposedly Samantha (her name) has some other poor soul moving in here on 2/1. Samantha has this little old lady voice that she uses to lure people in and when it’s too late, you are stuck. This new roommate has no idea the hell she is about to enter.

Oh well, not my problem! I have never had a roommate from hell like this. It is so bad that I am going to live with my ex-husband and his new girlfriend because that is preferable to this childish LUNATIC.

So, beware…if you are looking to rent a room in Tehachapi on top of a mountain with what seems like just a nice little old lady named Samantha–RUN FAST!!
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