Most useless and unhygenic person i have ever had the misfortune of meeting

Let me tell you a story folks
KNOW the person you are going to live with, if you decide on a roomate. Go to their home, go in their room. Know what your getting into.

January 2015, a housemate moved in. We didnt know her super well but she was a friend of a friend of my husbands, and they had hung out a couple times. This house isnt ours, its my father in laws fixer upper that we are staying in and paying the bills at until its finished (its not in the best area and they need eyes on it at most times) theres several spare rooms so we thought sure we’ll help her out she has no where to go. When she moved in she was a waitress, had a nice boyfriend for a while, and bragged about how much she loves cleaning and cooking and so on. It wasnt bad when she moved in.

2 cats, shed bring home toilet paper and toothpaste and other household items everyone used when we need them. It went WAY downhill way fast. She mentioned cooking one time, but never did. The most shes ever had in the house is instant oatmeal and pudding cups, and maybe a bag of left over burger king. She didnt clean unless shit went way too far and we told her to clean. Her room, was, and still is, a freaking disaster. I feel terrible for her cat and have been tempted to take it to the no kill shelter down the road, because its very loving but shes never home and its literally living in its own feces. (She gave one of the cats away, now theres only one left) she had broken up with her boyfriend, and was bringing weird gross redneck/skater/pothead losers that we never met in our lives over when we werent home. We quickly stopped that, cause it was someone new weekly. About 5 or 6 times, we told her “clean your room or move out” because it is DISGUSTING. She changes the cat litter every couple of MONTHS (theres more cat shit than litter!!!) And left the bag she emptied the litter in provably 6 months ago sitting right next to the box. (Her excuse is “that cat shits way too much! Well then clean it, or get rid of it, dumbass) and she just throws her clothes in the litter box like its nothing! And they dont MOVE, like she doesnt care at all. She always throws a shirt in the cats water bowl too, and it gets soaked. Leaves that for days too. In november, i found a fresh pile of cat puke on her floor. Told her about it. “Oh ew”. Guess whats still on the floor 6 months later??? Yep. Its just crusted on there. Pregnancy tests and some kind of cigarette wrappers strewn across her piss soaked clothes on the floor. The cat tore up and pissed all over the bed (which belongs to my in-laws…) and uses the wall as a scratching post, so theres damage she caused we have to fix. She always takes our food, and SOMETIMES tells us after shes taken it. Like “oh hey i took a yogurt, bananas, a water bottle (we use those strictly for work because were out in the sun all day. Theres a filtered water pitcher RIGHT NEXT to the fridge she could use) she never asks for stuff. The other day we splurged and bought a 4 pack of some nicer expensive pastries from the grocery store bakery. 2 were gone the next morning so I laughed at my husband for eating 2 and called him a fatty. Well, he didnt eat 2, he had one. She took one without asking, and still hasnt said anything. Ive noticed other stuff seemingly dissapear also, but thought oh maybe my husband took it, but i think it was her now. She also takes my face wipes, uses my chapstick (ew?) Used up ALL my deoderant (ALSO ew, i rarely use it because i dont sweat much, only when its hot. I opened it up and it was down to the plastic part, and wasnt there last time i used it) she uses the shampoo, conditioner and body wash WE buy, uses our toothpaste, everything you can imagine, without even offering to buy replacements. One day, she came to me and asked to wear my vest out. I wanted to say no but I HATE confrontation. I told her sure. Its an XS that barely fits me, and shes about a size or so bigger. I thought “shel figure it out, she wont fit” well…she came out of the bathroom squeezed into that thing like a ham with string tied around it, it only zipped halfway but i guess that was fine for her…my husband asked where she was going. Dirtbiking! And then left before I could say wait hell no your not taking my expensive stuff dirtbiking. I was pissed the rest of the night. If she had ripped it shed be paying for a new one. She came home. Threw it on my bed. It smelled like ASS. Had her gross deoderant all over the armholes. Didnt even offer to wash it after using it. And speakin of clothing, i went shopping andg got 3 new pairs of underwear, a new tank top and sports bra. Well i took the tags off of 2/3 pairs of underwear and had left my sports bra on the bathroom sink. Both dissapeared. My tank tom, and other 2 pairs of underwear hadnt moved from the couch i put them on (next to some other clean laundry) visit online pharmacy I went through every pair of clothes i own, i looked under beds and couches, in cushions behind the washer and dryer, nothing. I resorted to looking in her room (and needed gloves to touch anything) well, i found the underwear, tags still attatched (thankfully) and was way too pissed off to keep going (I had also found one of james long sleeved shirts he “lost” ages ago.) So, i confronted her. And she gets mad at me for thinking she would steal them! (They were in your room rather HIDDEN under a couple other things in the few pairs of clean clothes that you have!!!) She pretty much made fun of me saying “i cant fit in YOUR underweae. Do you see my ass???” (A very average sized ass, and fyi, i wear a medium in underwear because though im an xs up top all my fat goest straight to the butt.) I wanted to mention how she managed to fit into my xs vest just fine so why wouldnt she try to fit into them? She then just kept saying “what do you want me to do??” And how she couldnt fit Over and over til i shut the door on her. Not even a “sorry” just “I probably picked it up in my laundry” which is bullshit because she never puts her laundry on the couch where mine is, and IF she did, why wasnt the other stuff gone? Why just that one thing. (Her laundry was in a basket on the floor, still wet, cause for some reason, she didnt dry it so yes. Again. Bullshit) luckily she moves out whether she has a place or not in 6 days, so wel finally be free. But after being an asshole to me, ive hid all of our bath stuff (including my loofah because both of hers are covered in mold and have not moved in months, which is gross that shed be using mine) toothpaste, toilet paper, everything shes been mooching that weve been using. we are also unplugging the washed and dryer so she cant use it, because what i failed to mention earlier, is that she has been late on paying rent since january. She gets us little bits at a time because she keeps quitting jobs and getting new ones. Shes still not caught up so its perfectly fair to not want to lose any more money on her. Shes got 10 piles of cat piss laundry upstairs that were pretty sure she plans on washing here, but not on our watch. So have fun poopin without toilet paper, washing yourself with just water, having stank breath and piss clothes for your last days!!! If i could lock up the fridge, id do ot in a heartbeat.
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2 Responses to Most useless and unhygenic person i have ever had the misfortune of meeting

  1. Rae says:

    From someone who lived with a hoarder for 18 months…

    She sounds horrible, but it also sounds like a mental problem. My old roommate told me her apartment was “This way because I am moving”. I believed her because we were 2 weeks away from moving in together. Now that I look back on it, she never invited me over, and the mess had only gotten worse. Not only that, but by the time I moved out, there were spiders, cockroaches, and other bugs all over because she refused to clean up. I later realized all of this was because her parents were neat freaks.

    Once your roommate from hell moves out, call an exterminator and have them come out and spray the place, just to be safe. People like this make me sick! You can also look into taking her to small claims court over the damages she caused. Maybe your in laws can do that since they own the place.

    • Capnharris says:

      I actually am an exterminator believe it or nlt, the whole house gets treated except her room, cause i refuse to help the do nothing. Shes not so much a hoarder as she is just gross. She will throw the mess away if we tell her. She just cant be assed to otherwise.its all her stuff, just covered in mess and thrown about. Im just tired of her taking our stuff, using our water and power without helping out, or asking, concerning the food, shampoo etc

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