Unwanted Pest

I just moved out of an apartment with the worst roommates ever. My roommates were a friend of mine, her boyfriend and their 2 kids. The first month living with them went really well. No arguments, we split the cost of food, took turns doing dishes and took turns cooking dinner.
One day comes when my roommates weren’t home and I had company over. They had left a huge mess in the living room so I decided to clean it before my company came over. The only thing I left for them were the dishes, as I had spent 3 hours cleaning up their mess. The next day, I go into the kitchen and I see half of the dishes left in the sink with a note that says “if you do anything that dirties a dish CLEAN YOUR DISHES! I will only clean mine and my kids from now on!”

Within a week of this incident, I receive a text from my roommate saying that she and her boyfriend would like alone time with their kids so me and my son had to either stay in our rooms or leave the apartment every tuesday, Thursday and every other weekend.
Then more rules came.
We couldn’t go into the living room until their 5 year old had left for school at 930.
I had to separate my groceries from theirs and keep them in the back room.
I couldn’t have my dog in the living area.
If I wanted to have anyone over, we had to stay in my room bland never go into the living room.
I was no longer paying for half of the apartment, but only for my bedroom and my son’s bedroom.
I had become an unwanted past in their eyes.
I finally lost it when I found a conversation one of them was having over facebook, where they were publicly bashing me, using my name.
I moved out a few days ago. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be friends with her again.
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  1. Risa Mac says:

    Roommates should be singles. You move in with a family, they rule the roost. If you live with a couple, they will always side against you, two against one. You cannot win. Legally, they cannot require that you stay out of the living room. But who wants to live with a police officer?

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