Two for One?!?!?!?!

Back in February I moved in with my boyfriend. We’ve been together a little over a year. I met him on Christian Mingle and we just really hit it off from the beginning. He’s been living in a nice, large two bedroom condo for nearly three years with his long-time friend I’ll call T. T and my boyfriend are like white on rice when it comes to their friendship. In fact I use to tease them about having a bromance going on. Before we met those two did almost everything together. Well, maybe not almost everything. More like everything as I found out.

I moved in on a Saturday. On Sunday morning my boyfriend and T went out jogging while I slept in. They were gone about an hour then I hear them come back in. We have a large bathroom with a huge walk-in shower and bathtub between the two bedrooms. It’s one of those “Jack and Jill” affairs with doors going to both bedrooms as well as a door to the hallway. I heard the bathroom door to the hall open then I heard the shower turn on. Then I heard the two of them talking and I’m thinking to myself “Are those two taking a shower together?” Yes. They were. My boyfriend came out of the bathroom to get dressed and of course I ask him. He tells me the water heater is small and doesn’t heat up that fast so they usually shower together. Okay. Plausible explanation.

That night I didn’t feel up to cooking to I ask my boyfriend if he wants to go out to dinner instead, my treat. We’re getting ready to go and T is throwing on his jacket so I said “Oh. Are you coming too?” On the way out I whisper to my boyfriend “I was hoping for a quiet dinner with just you.” He just shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t mind T coming along.”

So that’s how its been. We go to a movie. It’s not my boyfriend and I. It’s T too. We go for a walk. T comes along. Shopping, T is there. One evening I asked T “Don’t you have a girlfriend or anything?” He just smiled and said “I’m not in the market right now.” A month and a half and I think there was only one occasion where I had a day off to myself with my boyfriend without T being around. T is a nice guy and everything. He’s really pleasant and does carry his weight as far as housework and bills go- in fact my boyfriend and T (I came to find out a week after moving in) don’t rent the condo. They own it together.

But what happened this past Sunday took the cake. They went out for their usual Sunday morning jog and as usual, I slept in. They got back and I expect to hear the shower start up but I don’t. After a bit I climb out of bed and walk into the bathroom. T’s door to the bathroom is open so I stick my head in his bedroom and what do I see? A massage table set up with T lying on his stomach on the table stark naked and my boyfriend, in his underwear, giving him a back massage. I didn’t even know we had a massage table in the house. Not once has my boyfriend ever offered to give me a massage.

Needless to say that afternoon my boyfriend and I had a small argument. Well, not so small and of course T had to get his two cents in. I just left the second T opened his mouth and came back a few hours later. My boyfriend was waiting for me with flowers and an apology. T was in the kitchen making dinner – for the THREE OF US. Lord, help me…
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5 Responses to Two for One?!?!?!?!

  1. Raven says:

    Sweetheart, I think that you are what’s known as a ‘beard.’

  2. freewillie124 says:

    Now for the big question. Does your boyfriend give T a peck on the lips every time he leaves for work in the morning? Honestly, your feelings about the situation are dead-on right. When I moved in with my first boyfriend he was renting a room in a house owned by a good friend of his who seemed to follow us around like a puppy everywhere we went. I literally had to lock our bedroom door if I wanted time alone with my boyfriend and my boyfriend just didn’t get it. He was always wondering why I found living in that house with his friend so annoying.

  3. soosieqb says:

    Sweetie, get out of that mess now! When I moved in with my ex a couple years ago he was living with his bestie and they been buddies since like high school. His buddy treated me like crap because I was taking up all my boyfriends time so they couldn’t go out and have fun no more. Both of them was 30 years old and they acted like 12 year olds in some he-man woman haters club when they was together. I swear they was sucking each other off when I wasn’t around.

  4. Madge says:

    This has to be made up. Absolutely unreal. Gave me a great laugh though.

  5. twistedbrother says:

    Dude’s gay. Has to be.

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