Two-faced Girlfriend

I guess you could say when I moved out a year ago, it seemed perfect. The whole idea of finally becoming an adult and holding to my own on responsibilities seemed perfect. The idea of having a taste of freedom and moving in with someone I considered to be like a brother to me seemed perfect. The idea of working much harder to get by and pay bills seemed perfect. But of course, that all came crashing down later.
The first few months of living with my roommate was great. We planned weekend adventures together, had friends slept over quite often, and went out to buy unimpressive furniture that seemed extravagant to us since it was our first apartment. I’d say we bonded quite a bit in those first 6 months. He was nice, cleaned up after himself, would discuss any concerns at the time.
This bliss of a time was of course short lived as 6 months into the move he found a girlfriend that seemed to fit herself into the equation. That equation being moving in, free of charge, of course. Said girlfriend seemed really nice at first; she made him happy and being as he’s not much of a morning person her being there certainly turned him into a morning person. She also influenced him to eat healthier and to get out more. A few months in and I got to experience just how horrible this was all going to be for me.

Late night laughter turned to more inappropriate noises eliciting from his room. This not being much of a problem, only became more annoying afterwards when it was combined with loud heavy metal music at 2 am just about every night.
Cute little dinners they made for two were expected and I didn’t mind at first, until cute dinner for two started taking up every bit of the fridge and only groceries of theirs cluttered the fridge as i’d find anything i’ve bought in groceries shoved to the side of the fridge or as of late it’d be found on the counter because they wanted to make more space for their things.
Fun movie nights they’d have together in which they’d invite me to join were amazing, until fun movie nights turned into blasting whatever they were watching on the highest volume of the tv and I could hear the dialogue crystal clear through my shut bedroom door. Even when asked to turn it down they’d obviously mistake it for “oh could you please turn it up.”
Said girlfriend would also come over with plushies, hair products, clothes, and all kinds of makeup because she is all about dressing up all the time and all the items would be found cluttered all over the living room. At first she would clean up the mess usually when she left but as of late she would never leave so the items would just pile up. Even after cleaning up their messes i’d just wake up to a whole new mess the next day. When asked if they could clean up all i’d get in response is a messier living area. Fun.
I’d say the worst part about this would be that the girlfriend would act nice, sweet, and caring to my face. Going as far as to say she’d love to get to know me and become friends. Inviting me out to go shopping with her sometimes. Things you’d consider a friend to do. Only to find my roommate yelling in my face about how his girlfriend doesn’t feel welcomed in our apartment and how she doesn’t even like me because i’d stay in my room most of the time after long days at work.
Or perhaps… that wasn’t the worst part. I’d say the worst part about the whole event was losing my best friend. When confronted he’d walk away. When i’d plea for him to discuss things with me he’d walk away. When I finally caved in with giving the third degree of ignorance he snapped at me in front of my workplace and kicked me out of his car. He left me no say in this “fight”. All I was left with was him yelling at me with no room to counter, kicked out of the car, and found heartbroken in front of the place i’d have to put my happy-go-lucky persona on for the 9 hours. A best friend wouldn’t do this. No a best friend shouldn’t do this. But, now it’s time to reconsider who I label as such.
Enjoy your fake girlfriend and have fun struggling with finding a new roommate.
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