Total Flamer

So here it goes. I’ve been sharing an apartment with Ben for three years now and two years before that he was my roomie in the dorm. He’s my best friend from high school and I’ve known him since we were 10 years old. When we were 16 Ben came out of the closet to me. I always sorta knew he was gay (we experimented together a couple times) and it didn’t really matter one bit to me because I have two uncles that are gay so it’s just something I grew up with. He asked me to keep it to myself and I did until we got out of high school and he came out to everyone else too. He knew I wasn’t gay, just his best friend.

Last year Ben met Chris at the gym we belong to. Chris was usually at the gym the same time we were and I thought Chris was a pretty nice guy. Ben even asked me what I thought of Chris and actually asked me if it was okay if he asked him out on a date. Chris seemed like a pretty normal guy at the gym, just a little bit on the fem side. So Ben and him started to see each other. The first time I saw Chris outside the gym was on like their third date when Ben invited Chris over for dinner and to watch some movies. Outside the gym Chris was a totally different person. He turned into a flaming queen. We’re talking all the hand gestures, the limp wrist, high pitch screeches and giggling and calling everybody “honey.” I didn’t mind because one of my uncles is pretty much the same way, but he just didn’t seem like the kind of guy Ben would be interested in. Ben is laid back, quiet and pretty much keeps to himself. I asked Ben what he saw in Chris and Ben just said he thought Chris was incredibly cute (okay, I admit, Chris does have a hot body). Things started to get pretty serious between the two of them and back in October Chris moved in with us. And it started. Ben leaves for work at 5 AM. I leave for work at 8 AM and Chris left for work at noon (he only worked part-time). Like a couple days after Chris moves in I’m in the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee, still in my lounge pants that I sleep in. Ben had left for work an hour or so earlier. Chris snuck up behind me, yanked down my lounge pants around my knees and pressed his crotch into my ass and said “Hey sweet cheeks.” I took it as a joke and just told him to cut it out. Chris started flirting with me constantly whenever Ben wasn’t around- grabbing my ass, making comments about how he’d like to “get into my shorts,” sneaking up behind me and kissing the back of my neck, stuff like that. I got sick of it damn fast and kept telling him to stop, threatening to tell Ben. After a couple weeks of it I did tell Ben. All Ben said to me was “He’s just being cute.” A couple of days later I was taking my morning shower when suddenly the shower curtain flies open and there stands Chris naked (sporting a damn boner! ) saying “Mind if I join you?” I just ripped into him telling him if he ever did anything like that again he’d be on the floor in a fetal position with a broken nose and severely bruised balls. When I got home I immediately told Ben and this time Ben tells me he’ll tell Chris to stop. The next morning Chris walks into the kitchen and calls me “Little Miss Snotty Pants” and tells me he’ll let up with the “teasing” as he called it. He kept it up anyway, but not near as bad. Then on New Year’s Eve we decided that we were going to throw a party and invite over about 15 other friends. Everyone was having a great time. Chris, as usual, was being a major queen running around the apartment wearing this stupid party hat and drinking like a fish. When everyone got to the party I told them to just throw their coats in my bedroom. A couple of friends I work with got to the party late, around 11 PM, so I offered to take their coats and put them in the bedroom for them. I noticed the door was shut, opened it, walked in and there Chris is with a friend of Ben and him. Chris had him up against the wall and was kissing him and undoing his pants. He sees me, says “Oopsy! Caught us!” then laughs and walks out of the room leaving the other guy standing there all embarrassed trying to get his pants buckled up again. I didn’t say a word about it to Ben. Two weeks later I was at work and not feeling well so I decided to take off early. I get home and there’s a pile of clothes on the couch in the living room and I see Ben and Chris’ bedroom door open so I go and look in and there Chris is on the bed with another guy I’ve seen at the gym. They were naked and crawling all over each other. They didn’t even hear or see me. I quietly went to my room, grabbed my gym bag and went to the gym. On my way there I called Ben and told him what I saw. Ben got all pissed off at me, telling me I was making it up because I hated Chris (by then I did hate him and made it known to Ben). Last week I found out from a mutual friend that Chris got fired from his job just after New Years. I got home and asked Ben if he knew Chris got fired. Ben had no idea. Chris came home like an hour later and Ben confronted him and Chris called me a “fucking lying bitch” and told me to mind my own business. An hour later Chris is telling Ben some story about him quitting his job just a couple days earlier and Ben is believing the whole thing. I tried talking to Ben the next day and he was in total denial again, asking me why I hate Chris so much. I so much want Chris out of my life, but more so out of Ben’s life. I can already see the crash coming but Ben is totally blind to it. Now I just ignore Chris. I won’t talk to him, I won’t deal with him period. The guy is pure poison and Ben’s just too much in love to realize it.
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3 Responses to Total Flamer

  1. oldhat says:

    Dude- sounds like you’re in love with your best friend and just won’t admit it!

  2. Pru says:

    Why don’t you catch a picture of him in the act?

  3. Nan says:

    Whoah. He sexually harassed you numerous times, and your bff just said he was being cute? It sounds like your friend has emotional issues if he just wants to be in denial the entire time. It’s all going to come crashing down soon, and when it does, you should reccomend your friend to see a therapist because there’s some issues if he thinks how his bf treated you was OK. It’s not.

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