This is QUIET?!?

Oh lordy, where to start.

My Craig’s List ad went to great lengths to advertise the need for the new roomie to be a quiet person with a 9-5 working schedule. This need was reiterated — repeatedly — during the room showing. Since we were in a large city living in a small house, the current roomie and I viewed our house as a place to decompress and to enjoy our privacy and quiet time. We were given assurances from “Lola” that she was indeed these things and our choice was made.

I suspect the first clue it was going to be a disaster was when she called to let us know that she was purchasing a piano that would be delivered at the end of the week. Uh, PIANO??? It seems she had just purchased a lovely upright piano that she would be playing several hours a day. I quickly reminded her that we had requested a quiet occupant and that she had not mentioned this when she was interviewed — a standard piano would be out of the question. After much heated discussion she agreed to instead purchase an electric piano and use head phones if using it when her roomies were home. I guess that would have been a good time to ask her if there was anything ELSE she hadn’t told us, but I had been so shocked by the whole piano thing I was remiss.

Long story short, the piano was the least of our issues. It turns out she was also a “singer”, and she expected to vocalize several hours a day including weekends. Even if she had been Celine Dion herself, several hours of vocalizing a day would have been too much, but “Lola’s” thin, screechy soprano was too much to bare at any time. There was also the cooking dinner at midnight, the almost daily late night/early morning entertaining of guests in the common areas (I was late to work due to lack of sleep more often in the time she was with us that the prior five years combined!), the hours long “outdoor voice” cell phone calls to friends and family — this woman had one volume for her life — LOUD. We repeatedly tried to compromise and accommodated her as much as we could, but it was simply a very bad match to begin with.

To add insult to injury, thanks to our city’s very strict tenant protection laws it took us a year, a trip to the Tenant’s Board, and some cold hard cash to get her out of there. The day she left we celebrated.

The new roomie, well, she is absolutely fantastic — it was like the Roommate Gods decided to shine on us after all that had happened with “Lola”. 🙂
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  1. CTorres says:

    That sounds like a typical professional singer! It does require that kind of lifestyle and habits. However, I think most singers would be considerate enough to explain their habits before moving in! Not everyone appreciates loud, high singing for long periods in their small apartment.

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