Stupid ways of saving power and Messy

Hi – Just tonight I have decided to move out of where I am living due to a messy flat and stupid ideas of saving power.

I have been living with an old workmate for about two years and tonight I have decided its time to get out ! I have been paying $150 per week which includes power.

“Power” we should all know that the hot water cylinder is the biggest power user in the house for heating hot water. The kettle would be the second power gobbler . My flat mate who actually owns the house she reckons that switching the wifi and the TV off at the wall saves her lots of money on power ! Get this she won’t even use a cordless phone because “it uses a lot of power” she says. Yes switching things off at the wall does saves a small bit of power but when her Daughter is in the shower for over hour most days please could someone tell me if this is normal ? So tonight was the final straw. I just had a shower and came out to say there is no more “hot” water (I was using hot water only with no cold and was warm) and the flatmate (owner) said “You have been home all day you should of got in the shower before her” (Daughter). I was home about 3pm and no one had been home all day so tonight the Daughter had used nearly all the hot water in the cylinder to herself and I get in using the last of the warm water with out using any cold water to shower ! Yet the Flatmate says the power bill is high because the wifi and tv is not being turned off at the wall .

The other stupid thing the flatmate and her daughter do is put washing on in the afternoon or evening after the Sun has been and gone and the washing will either sit in the machine for up to two days and then have to be rewashed because it started to smell (more power use !) so when the washing does make it on the line outside I have seen it say out for up to a week in rain, hail, sunshine, strong winds and then eventually it will come inside to be put in the dryer (more power use !)

So I did however try to explain to her about cost of hot water and using energy saving light bulbs to save power but she was still certain that switching the wifi and tv off at the wall was saving her lots of money in power (Yeah right !!!!!!) So I did my bit and bought LED Bulbs for my room and recently LED bulbs for some other rooms in the house (I think they are stupid because they haven’t noticed LOL !) So when I leave her house I will be taking all the LED Bulbs with me and put in normal high wattage bulbs in their place so hopefully when I’m gone the power bill will stay the same so I won’t be blamed for the high use of power !

On to the mess ! The house is mostly messy but the kitchen is clean because I get in and keep it clean I buy rubbish bags and take out the recycling . I also mow the lawns outside ( I know if I didn’t they would get up to a foot high before the flatmate would her brother to come and do them (this was before I bought a lawn mower). I also pick up all the rubbish that blows onto the property because if I don’t it becomes a tip. Flat mates Daughter never goes outside unless she hangs out the washing (all she did all school holidays was hide in her room. So I don’t know why they own a house with a backyard if it gets no use LOL

So what do all think ???
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