Step, Rent, Rant

I live with the most passive aggressive human being I have ever
freaking met. My partner’s stepfather lost his job due the recess
so her mother asked us to move in to help make ends meet. We agreed
because our combined finances were about to drop by 25%. We figured
we could help them for a while and maybe save some cash to get back
out there. Her grandmother became ill during the first two years we
there and because my partner is in the medical profession we
volunteered to care for her free of charge. (She had dementia so our
care of her was 24/7) After she passed we moved back to her mother’s
and renegotiated our rent. For $150 less a month I would cook dinner every
night but Friday and Saturday. Clean the kitchen everyday, and clean
the bathroom (that we share with her disgusting stepbrother) once a week.
Basically because I worked part time I became their housekeeper.

The SD wasn’t happy about the loss of income. I actually overheard him
say that we should be paying the same amount as before and still do
all of the chores. He came to me and tried to make me pay the difference
of the origional amount directly to him. I think he may have been under
the impression that my partner and I didn’t actually talk to eachother.
So of course after he was done I called her right in front of him and
asked her to reiterate the actual deal to her SD. He acted like it was
news to him. For the sake of peace in the house we did not tell her

Two years ago his 23 year old son came home and informed the family
that he’s knocked up this horrifyingly awful girl. After the baby was
born it wsa decided for me that I would be his babysitter from 6am to 6pm
every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. For free. Fortunately I
really like this kid and enjoy being around him. But I was truly pissed
for a while (At my partner too as she didn’t ask first either.)

SD for some reason HATES me. I do my best to keep everyone happy but
with him its impossible. Taking care of his mother-in-law and his only
grandchild for free hasn’t earned me one iota of respect from him.
(Example: two years ago my partners sister got married. I helped set up
the wedding even burning myself with a chaffing dish. My partner and I
were escorted to the seats her sister had picked for us up front with the
rest of her/his families. This guy in front of God and everyone he takes
me by the arm and tells me loudly that these seats are for family and I
should stand in the back until I’m needed. I got to watch the whole wedding
leaning against a wall in the back of the plaza all the while my seat next
to my partner remained empty as well as several other chairs scattered about.)

We would have moved out a long time ago but my partners mother genuinly still
needs the financial help, (because he can barely contribute), and because we
had to use all of our savings for an emergency dual knee surgery on my partner.
What sets off his passive aggressiveness the most is when he notices me or my
spending money on what he calls “frivolous purchases, (he once called us
spendthrifts because we bought several packs of different sized bras,
he fully expected that we wore the same size and share…

I’m writing this because of the last damn straw. My partner and I splurge
only on a few things, some of which are, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Amazon Unlimited (certain
ebooks can be checked out for free.), and the occasional vieo game. (Mind you we have the
most expensive plan for netflix whick gives you free veiwing for up to five devices.
We set one for Him and his wife, one for his son, one for the baby, one for my
partner and one for me. And everyone is welcome to use our amazon accounts as
well. We pay every red cent for those.) He fully enjoys the benefits of all
of them. Here’s the issue right now. Our tax returns came in. We put most of
it in savings and we both decided to splurge on ONE video game apeice I got a
game for the Wii (which is a community console btw) and my partner got a DS game.
When SD found out that not only did we buy video games but we actually played them in the
living room. His passive aggressive nonsense includes: hiding the one remote that
can switch between cable and the video game, pulling all of the batteries
from all of the Wii remotes (I had literally just filled every single remote and controller
before my game came in) allowed his grandson to play with the special controller
I have for the game thus ruining it, unplugged the Wii, when I plugged it back in he TOOK the
plug, when I supplied a new one he took the MiniSD card (MY MiniSD card) from the console.
When I replaced it it looked like he may have been trying to do something to the
harddrive because every port cover had been removed. Now I had ASKED him before if there were
problems or rules that I needed to be aware of regarding the Wii. If he had told me
not to use it I would have never used it but he had enthusiastically approve
even saying that no one had used it in forever and that it was a shame and he was glad
it was going to get some use.. Ive tried confronting him straight on but he
always hems and haws and act like he has no clue what you are talking about. I
have literally no idea how I am supposed to handle him. Rant over thanks for reading!
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One Response to Step, Rent, Rant

  1. A Sensible person says:

    This guy is too immature to handle like an adult . Flip out on him. call him out all his bull shit like with the wii and wedding and be like who gives u Netflix and cooks and cleans and watched your grand kid! They should errect a gold statue of you if you ask me. He doesn’t like you already so who cares what he thinks just tune him out . Best of luck

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