I could have made this post a lot longer. He has been our roommate for two years, and will be thankfully moving into his own place in two months. So to make a long story short, I will list all of the dumb crap he does so you know how NOT to be a shitty roommate:
– taking major dumps in the toilet and not flushing, or taking sticky black craps and not having the decency to give the toilet a scrub. Not flushing the toilet 85% of the time.
– hanging out in the single bathroom we have between three people doing god knows what and leaving puddles on the counter.
– using a half a roll of toilet paper per crap and only offering to buy toilet paper twice in two years, and buying the cheap shit when you do.

– having the dirtiest room imaginable with trash, food, cans, wrappers, piss jugs, etc. laying on the floor and taking your trash out once a month.
– using your roommates cups and plates without asking, and keeping them dirty in your room until your roommates have to go into your room and search for them like buried treasure.
– not keeping your room free of GARBAGE and attracting ants (and probably other stuff).
– agreeing to a certain temperature for the A/C to conserve energy, then sneaking and turning it 20 degrees below that temperature while your roommates are gone. Also keeping your window open while the A/C is running because you have the vents covered with GARBAGE.
– keeping piss jugs in your room because you are “too scared to come out of your room when we are hanging out in the living room”.
– not getting your dog FIXED after two years of saying “I will, I will”.
– leaving your dog unsupervised outside for 3+ hours at a time to bark and then keeping it in its crate the rest of the time because you can’t clean up your room enough to let it run around. Leaving your dog in its crate for 15+ hours. Letting your dog drag old chicken bones outside from your bedroom and letting your roommates dogs choke on them.
– commenting on how every other dog is horrible and barks too much when your dog is the WORST.
– letting your dog in the backyard through your bedroom window because you are too lazy to let it out through the door.
– getting upset when your roommates have guests over at all, including family, for more than an hour.
– taking two weeks to pay bill money that was due today.
– leaving your clothes in the shared dryer and taking out outfits “as needed”. In fact, taking 5 days to do 2 loads of laundry because you “forget” about it.
– using your roommates bar of soap and lying about it.
– borrowing things from your roommates and never returning them, and if they do get returned, they are broken or ruined.
– drawing needless attention to when you and your girlfriend are having sex, or commenting when you hear your roommates are having sex.
– leaving leftovers in the fridge until your roommates throw it out a month later, every time.
– leaving the front or back doors wide open when you leave because you “got distracted”.
– somehow getting poop? in the shower drain? and leaving it?
– coughing up blood and phlegm in the shower, and leaving it.
– leaving the sink and counter covered in hair after shaving.
– abusing serious drugs on a regular basis and then complaining that your “antidepressants aren’t working”.
– agreeing to share some of the house chores and then only doing them once in two years.
– touching your roommates things that should never be touched.
– the two times you have asked to use pots or pans to cook a meal, after verbally agreeing at that time to wash them when you are finished, you don’t wash them.
– to constantly make racist comments, even when your roommates give you evil looks. to make racist comments about members of your roommates families. To inflame relations between the neighbors.
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