should l ignore them too!

I am an introvert (shy, reserved, quiet) and most of the time l prefer to lay in my bed because l am not outgoing. Come this second year l got 5 more people to share room with!

Come to think of it, l woke up every morning and made sure that l greet everyone in the room. Well of course they never asked me to, l did it because l wanted to.

The other one who stays by the door, the one who pretends to be nice is now my worst enemy ever. This is what she do, wakes up every morning expecting me to greet her, initiate a conversation with her, listens to your story and keeps laughing. When she is with her friends she is busy gossiping about me.

Now that l no longer talk to her she makes sure that everyone becomes my enemy in the room. So l decided to leave her and survive as if she does not exist.

When one of her friends dress badly she comes to the room and says “guys did you see my friend Nicole today? OH MY God you should have seen her, she is dressed like an old woman. She tried a new lipstick too! You should have seen her”. Really??? This is your friend she should help them with

All her friend do not talk to me, (well l don’t expect them to disobey their ‘god’) because they don’t think, she tells them how to treat people and they obey even if the person has done nothing bad). If she tells you her story, and you decide to go against her view, then you have to be prepared for more haters. Otherwise just obey.

She is disrespectful, pretends, ungrateful and dishonest. The moment you walk in she is an angel, the moment you walk out, trust me, you are her laughing stoke.

My room-mates can’t see beyond what they are told, enjoy the little fight and are just immature. The thing is you can’t talk to her about that issue because that is her way of punishment (she once did that to her mom to punish her).

My question now is should l ignore all my room-mates because it seems like l can’t keep up the the gossips and obeying someone to the extent of agreeing with everything. Even hating someone one has done nothing wrong to me.
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