My seriously psycho roommate

Okay so I have a real issue here, like seriously.
My fiance and I were going throught rough times and looking for a place to stay, not able to pay much a month we found a friend and his girlfriend that said they would love for us to stay. Now we have had some really bad problems out of this girl before she’s freaking nuts! So we all discuss ground rules, rent, space, the usual, well mainly us because seems to be we are the only adults in the house. Rent is agreed $250 a month flat… No more than that. So everything is fine for a week or so we’re all having fun, we get a puppy, got four mopeds, just having fun. She gets really pissed about something random which I have no clue what we did and she TEXTS us! Not face to face but texts us and says “rents due now it’s $400” and I’m like uh.. Would you mind explaining why rent randomly went up? She had no explanation, when I ask to see a print out of the bills she’s says tomorrow, when I added all the bills up it was 500 a month max, but she keeps adding random shit that isn’t there.

So we are like, well we don’t have have enough money for our own place so we’ll just pay the 400, now I forgot to mention my friend came in with a great amount of money, this girl wouldn’t give him the time of day after he tried numerous times with her but once that money rolled in she fell in love with him after the second word. Since then she has been treated like a baby. She gets new cars all the time, has thousands of dollars dropped into them then wants a new one, gets small business opportunities and just leaves them alone ” cause she got bored with it” I meant just insane stuff. When she does actually “work” she does anything she can to quit, she gets robbed at work, guys hit on her none stop, this and that.. This bitch seriously looks like a man, she has an ape body, short hair has a little facial hair just random little hairs floating around and she can’t work cause every guy that walks in hits on her. So I start making good money, (I own a lawn service) and things are getting better it seems and from what I understand we are kinda like living there full time instead of having no choice so I talk to my friend out me getting a motorcycle that I get a great deal on and he says that’s fine. Well his girlfriend instantly wants a motorcycle now, she doesn’t get one, we go to Yamaha to look around and she starts sitting on the bikes begging and screaming for a bike like a child, this is what she does everyday for anything she wants. He tells her no, and she starts screaming more and kicking in a dealership she has no shame. So after that day she was pretty pissed and completely ignored me since I had one and she didn’t. Now moving on to the next thing, my fiancĂ© is talking to her about how we use to do photography, now Ms. Princess is magically a photographer (that doesn’t take photos ever) so I like to have multiple sources of income and photography pays decent on the side, I find an outstanding deal on an entry level DSLR (which queen cunt doesn’t know what the hell a DSLR is LOL) we come home with it, so into photography this bitch turns away and acts like it doesn’t exist. For days and days she is cold to us, we get a gym membership so she gets one, we have been going for four days while she has only been for two and stay for 20 minutes looking like a lost puppy in the wild, she gets pissed that we can keep going and drink water with no problem, we come home the other night after a workout and she’s eating Popeyes, so she is very upset that we caught her (Not that we give a shit what she does or what she eats) she is embarrassed, so we leave to go hang out with a friend at her house, we get a text about us needing to figure something with our dog. We can’t keep him in the cage because apparently it will keep them up all not (They don’t work, I do) and he can’t go in their room cause he for some reason poops in their room but nowhere else in the house, she we come back and pick up the dog, my fiancĂ© tried to explain to her if you take him out before bed he will be fine in the room but she wasn’t going to take him out, she can’t even flush the toilet after herself. She complains that he poops in there anyways, long story short cause I don’t know all the details she gets pissed so we leave to a friends house for the night, we get a text the next day that we have to move out because we are destroying their relationship. Now there is a lot I didn’t mention which I should of. So this is the type of person she is, trash can is 5 ft away from the sink, instead of throwing the trash where it belongs she throws it in the sink, bathrooms have doors, instead of closing that door she keeps it open, they also have a lever for flushing, but she doesn’t know how to use it, her excuse for all of this is “I was gonna get it later” later never shows up. I use to do the dishes and clean the house, when I do she instantly starts to throw trash in the sink for me to clean up so I stipped. All around she is a mental patient that has been let out of the worst possible place, maybe not even from earth. She likes to hide her phone and iPad from everyone and keep the screen to where no one can see it, when her boyfriend asks who she’s talking to she freaks out and yells at him at the top of her lungs, when his friends come over she lays on she and shows her ass to everyone, but he doesn’t care cause when we tell him he says “no that didn’t happen” even though he was sitting on the couch right in front of it all. I mean this bitch is crazy! This is all for now but I have plenty of stories. More to come I guess.
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