Selfish,annoying,,alcoholic,mooch,two faced, pathological liar, roommate (going to be long)

So anyway I moved in with this kid K. It’s Myself, my girlfriend (M), a Co worker (L) and K. We live in a 2000 sq ft 4 bedroom house currently. K has always been a drinker, and when I say drinker I mean HEAVY DRINKER. At some times he was downing 2-3 bottles a week. Now I’m gonna try to break this down into sections so I can channel my frustration and not be all over the place.
Lets start with his selfishness: K literally does nothing to clean the house. Has no idea how to run a dishwasher (literally asked me how to start it) uses everyone else stuff for laundry because he does laundry 2-4 times a week, we run out of stuff and he claims he bought last even though hes never even bought once. He steals toilet paper from L’s and his bathroom so when they run out he has his own. Everything he buys he doesn’t let anyone have it. I bought one of the air freshener plugins, next day its missing, find it in his room. He drinks the last bit of the water in the jug and doesn’t refill it.

Annoyance: He ALWAYS wants to do something. If we aren’t doing something incredibly exciting, he gets upset and in a bad mood. I’ve come down with a cold and he kept trying to force me shots by calling me names and everything saying I’m a baby and he drinks all the time when hes sick (funny cause hes always sick cause he never fully recovers). Whenever he drinks or smokes (marijuana) he always sits around every 5-10mins saying how high or drunk he is. Going back to the wanting to go out thing. Yeah I get it, seems fun, except we never do anything and I’m working a job that barley gives me enough money to survive and I have school as to where he somehow makes $50000 a year. If he wants to drink or smoke and none of us want to. He gets upset and in a bad mood and just hides in his room. Or if we smoke and he wants to drink or vice versa he gets upset cause we aren’t doing what HE wants to do. If we don’t he always texts my cousin (they met a few times and because my cousin lets him smoke for free of course he wants to hang with him) about how we suck. Like for real? bro its my cousin. of course hes gonna tell me what you say.

Alcoholic: Not much to add into this category except the fact he is an alcoholic and drinks every single night to the point of vomiting at 6am before he has to go to work. And that he begs everyone else for alcohol.

HE MOOCHES OFF EVERYONE. I don’t know how he does it but he ALWAYS finds a way to get out of buying something. I think its the guilt trip. For example. If L buys us food and he comes home. He purposely will sit there quiet and wait for someone to offer him some. He only talks/hangs out with people if A)They wanna do what he wants to do. or B)They offer him free food/drinks/weed. A few examples. I like to drink especially on Football Sundays. My mom and dad are drinkers and they know I like to drink so they would usually come over with a bottle for everyone or invite us over. Cool. I had bought a bottle for sunday. So I texted my mom to say hey don’t leave the bottle out in the open. K has 4 bottles that are his that he wont let anyone touch but he will open a brand new bottle so he won’t have to pay/drink his. The week before he drank and ENTIRE HALF by himself without anyone knowing and my parents bought it because we were all in the living room. He only invites my cousin over to smoke. He will literally ask my cousin to hang. Have him drive 25mins to our house. Rip 7 hits and pass out. Then this really gets me. He bought him a football ticket to a UNLV college game (yes they had plans to go originally) without consulting him and when my cousin came over he goes “yeah bro I just went ahead and bought your ticket because you smoke me out all the time” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WHAT A SLY BITCH! Maybe because I’m so angry with him but it seems like he purposely did that so he forced my cousin into going and now he thinks they can be “even”. Maybe its common sense but if I ever OWE somebody something I always ask what they want in return. I don’t just buy something for them without their knowledge and then call it even. Going back to when I said I had bought a bottle. I was sharing it among 5 people. We were half way done and he goes inside and comes back out asking my mom where the other bottle was. Then I yelled at him saying no because that bottle is mine idc if my mom bought it for us. When they leave its mine. I yelled that he drank an entire one the week before without sharing and it wasnt his to drink. Because when he drinks HE DRINKS. He got upset and went in his room only to come down hours later asking me if I’m done being an ass??? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? So now its been a few weeks and he hasn’t bought a single bottle because I have 3 unopened ones and 2 opened ones that are 80% full. He buys beer EVEN THOUGH he always says he hates beer. I love beer and he likes to play the game where its I’m gonna offer you some and if you accept I’m allowed to drink as much of yours. Or he tries to get EVERYONE to play beer pong, if we accept after the first game he goes and grabs a bottle and says well everyone drinking mine. He’s so sly and sneaky about his shit and I’m fed up with it. He likes to play these games so he can benefit in a better way. Because after a game of beer pong. He never wants to play again but instead drink the hard liquor. a 30 pack of keystone is $14 here. Which is what he buys. So its not hurting his wallet. None of us share with him anymore because here’s how it goes. K lets drink tonight. Rest of us “sure”. Buys bottle between 4. 15% goes to myself M and L. 85% goes to K. Next week. Who wants to drink? I bought last time!! I always respond. Its not sharing if you drink 85% of the bottle. So you can buy again because I just won’t drink or ill buy my own.
My parents had a high school reunion and we met them at the bar. Not only did K rack up 45$ worth of drinks on my dads tab. Said he didn’t feel good. Asked for a friend to pick him up. They went to the strip. So he just used my family to get drunk so he wouldnt have to buy. Invited him over on Thanksgiving (hes from Indiana and has no family) comes over, eats, drinks, leaves without saying bye. Throughout the day my cousin and I ate a few pot brownies as I still had a cold and didn’t want to drink but wanted to lighten up a little bit. Every 15mins hes harassing me to drink. Nobody wanted to drink with him so he started to become a dick and make rude comments towards everyone. And for some damn reason if my family buys alcohol for us. It’s for me and again it may be a lack of common sense. But if his mom but something for us to use. I consider it his since its his mom. Obviously if she offers it I can accept but after she leaves I would assume its his. However the other way around he assumes if my mom buys food for us. The leftovers are just for everyone. I came home one day looking forward to it. Only to see it empty cause he ate them…

Two faced and pathological liar: two faced is simple. whenever we have friends come over (especially my girlfriends sorority friends) he always pretends to clean and talks about how he loves his job and all this stuff. He just constantly talks shit about us. and the lying part is easy as well. It’s always. Oh yeah I’ll get that today. never gets it. Just feels the need to lie about the smallest things. K did you leave this out? no? *asks other roommates* “Yeah I saw K using it earlier” like are you serious? man up dude and just admit you used something.

Anyways that’s my speech on my annoying selfish drunk and everything else roommate
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Smokin’ weed everydayyyyy. I’m surprised he doesn’t use his alcoholism as an excuse for being a dick

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