I met this girl online before college started. We were from the same area and clicked instantly. We moved in and I started to notice how she always wanted to be the center of attention. You know, always bringing the conversation back to her or jokingly insulting herself . Within a week of living here she found a boy she liked. After A FEW DAYS of knowing each other, they he slept over. They didn’t hook up, just slept. Well now I am in the 2nd semester and he has not left. He sleeps here every night and chills here every day. He only goes back to his room to change and shower. There have been a few things that have happened that make them awful roommates.
* I cannot use the fridge. I used it twice and my food was eaten, even though I paid for half of it
* They have stolen condoms. Not the ones I got for free, the nice ones.
*I brought plastic wear with me to school for us to share. Since then, they are all gone because they used them and ever cleaned them. So they got gross and they threw them away.

*They stole my alcohol, then when I tried to confront my roommate. She said it wasn’t her it was her boyfriend and I shouldn’t be mad at her for it. When I confronted him he yelled at me and told me it was part his.
* They are constantly having tickle fights and “touching” each other.
* They do nothing but sleep and play games all day, but they stay up all night to do work & laundry
* I tried multiple times to just hang with her and I, and she always found a way out of it, but her and her boyfriend are inseparable. She didn’t even try to get to know me.
* She is an extremely negative person. She bitches and complains about everything and everyone. I have very few times heard her say something positive. Together they sit and make fun of people constantly. So I can only imagine what they say about me.
They give me anxiety attacks. They haven’t done anything huge like bang in my bed, but it’s the constant little things that drive me insane.
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