Roommates: The Seven Worst Years of My Life

Reading the stories about people’s most terrible roommates always amuse me because people can be so horrible and the worst thing is to live with them. I understand what it’s like to live with someone who isn’t who you thought they were. I know what it’s like when things get out of control and you have to move 10 times in 3 years straight. Why does my title say seven? Well, I had roommates throughout middle and high school at a residential school and they all were shit. Some of them bullied me severely and stole my money and things. After graduation from high school, I was finally so happy and can make my own decisions. I thought it’d be much easier to find good people to live with when I go to college. Eventually, I realized none of my college friends were good and they didn’t even care about me at all. Here goes my story…

During my first year at my university, I lived in a single room. Man, that was the best year I ever had at a school. Because I could focus, my grades were excellent. I had complete privacy of my own. I even had my own bathroom and shower! That was heaven, especially for an only child.

Then that heaven went down the drain when my second year began. Someone I knew from one of the LGBT groups was looking for two roommates for the apartment he lived in for 4 years. Let’s call him Nick. After he gave me a tour at his apartment and offered to share his delicious vegetarian dinner, I thought it wasn’t bad and liked that I had something in common with him. After I got to know one friend of mine, Logan, for the half academic year, he seemed to be a quiet, friendly guy who liked the place to be clean. I asked him if he wanted to room with us as he was looking for roommates. Huge mistake.

After I moved in first, I was appalled when I saw the kitchen. Apparently Nick never washed dishes and it was piling up the whole sink and stove. Having nothing to do on that day, I decided to do all dishes and that took me about 2 hours. Nick was surprised and appreciated that by the time he came back, and I set the rules about chores. Then Logan moved in and I let him know the rules. Everybody agreed. The first few weeks was lots of fun hanging out with them and I thought my second year was going to be great.

When time passed, I noticed that Logan kept inviting lots of people over. I mean at least 10 people every day. Not to mention weekends were the worst. I tried so hard to concentrate on my homework while the doorbell rung every 10 minutes. When people left, there was always a huge mess in the living room and kitchen. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it and was shocked that Logan expected me and Nick to clean all of the time. I was basically a maid for the whole year because both roommates refused to keep the place clean. The only time Logan cleaned without being asked was when he got drunk and vomited on the kitchen floor and left it for at least 12 hours. He didn’t even remember throwing up.

After having a major surgery during the winter break, I couldn’t lift my arms up and couldn’t lift anything at all. But that didn’t matter, Logan and Nick refused to help me with chores after I let them know months earlier that I was having a surgery and will return the favor after I healed. They expected me to do everything anyway. It didn’t matter how I felt about having 100 people over every week, tiptoeing over the complete disaster, cleaning all the time, washing dishes and clearing the stove to make meals, having my grades greatly impacted, and having my things and food stolen. Near end of the year, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and had to take antidepressants to keep up with school. After school was over, Nick and I had a huge argument in front of Logan because he passive-aggressively accused me of leaving a mess all over and letting people over all of the time. He swore at me and Logan just simply did nothing but played on his phone. I was so happy when I moved out and stopped antidepressants completely.

Little did I know, another terrible roommate story had yet to begin. I moved in with 3 much older gay guys – they all were at least twice my senior. The owner of the house, Bill, was a distant family friend and he lived near where my internship was. I planned to stay there only for the summer due to my financial situation and having my internship nearby. Not having been very involved in the gay community, I didn’t know much about gay culture even though I’m gay myself. But this was way far from what I expected.

I already got screamed at after living there for only a few hours. I was doing my laundry in the basement at night and I knew the noises wouldn’t bother all of the roommates because they were deaf. Nope… I didn’t know that one roommate lived in the basement and the light was bothering him. He had a huge sheet hanging on the ceiling so I didn’t see him or his room at all. As I turned around after starting the washer, I was startled when he angrily walked towards me completely naked and screamed at me. I saw his 65 year old dick and was completely baffled. I was already thinking about moving out.

Those gay men were simply disgusting. First of all, the 65 year-old man was a woman-hater and was also Bill’s ex. Another ex of Bill’s always visited them every week to have dinner together. I never understood why they lived together and always had dinner tradition for over 20 years, but whatever. Whenever they talked about their love for dicks, they went into details about the types of dicks that are appealing. They also described the types of sex they liked. It was so gross!

A third roommate, Terry, was a quiet person and cleaned the house all the time. It didn’t make any sense to me because most of the mess wasn’t even his. He even did the other roommates’ laundry. When I asked him questions, he told me that he had been living there for 6 months and those were the most miserable months he ever had in his life. He explained that the two other roommates forced him to use his whole food stamp allowance to buy food for one dinner and they also forced him to eat more so he would become a bear like them. He basically became a maid and paid a lot more rent than the woman-hater. The more information he told me, the more I wanted to get out as soon as possible.

I couldn’t bear it any more after Bill and the woman-hater kept yelling at me and accusing me of doing things I didn’t do. Even when I heated up my lunch in the microwave without anything covering my food because Bill refused to buy a damn cheap microwave cover. The microwave didn’t even get messy, but I was still yelled at. Also, I was ostracized for not doing other roommates’ dishes and not vacuuming the whole house, which I actually did when nobody was home. When my friend, who was also gay, came over to visit me, the woman-hater hit on my friend because he liked boys in my age group. I even caught him jacking off to young boys porn. I think it’s funny and stupid that he really hated me just because I’m transgender. During dinner time, he always talked shit about women and complained that they always smell like fish. He had absolutely no respect for women, even his mother, so that’s why I call him a woman-hater.

Bill forced me to make many joints because I’m very good at rolling and the woman-hater said that he will be nice to me from now on if I would teach him how to roll. No freaking way! I was so surprised that Bill’s bong was never cleaned, including replacing disgusting water, so I cleaned everything and there was a huge pile of ashes. When Bill took a hit, he thought that was the only good thing I can do. Umm?

I actually lived there for only 2.5 weeks. After Bill found out that Terry was moving out with me, he was totally freaking out about me being excited to steal Terry as my 45 year-old boyfriend… which I wasn’t. Every argument he started with me, he always ended up being stumped. It was impossible to have a normal conversation with him. So, the day Terry and I moved out, Bill expected me to pay him a “tip” for…living there? I simply said no. He didn’t know what to say so I left it at that and ran.

The next story is almost unbelievable. When Terry and I moved in the new place, our crazy nosy lady neighbor (essentially the “caretaker” of the house) hired someone to move in our things without our knowledge. The person expected money from us that we didn’t have. There were many red flags about this lady and our landlord but we had no choice. We needed two more roommates to cover the rent, so I started searching and reaching out. A few were interested and the process took about a month. In the meantime, Terry and I started to realize how insane our neighbor was. Unfortunately, she had the keys to our house.

The neighbor was the type of crazy that wore pigtails, dressed like a little girl (despite looking to be in her 50s), and knit all day long anywhere. She forced us to leave the curtains open around the house so she could peek in to see what we were doing. She was so upset when Terry cleaned the place because it was supposed to be “her responsibility” so she could make money from our landlord, so she blew up Terry’s phone. The next day, she came in our house and told Terry that she wanted to talk to him. She told Terry to sit on her lap like he was a little boy; he was bewildered but politely said no thanks.

We wanted to move out again so bad, but we had no choice. However, this was my chance to really get know Terry. I tried to figure out who he really was but he was good at hiding things about himself. I just knew something was off about him, but he was a better roommate than the rest I had. When he told me some things about his life, many things didn’t add up but I just left it at that so we wouldn’t feel awkward or have problems. But there were three things that bothered me the most: he told me that he was a transwoman, he always had a hat on 24/7 “because it’s cold”, and he stayed in touch with Bill and badmouthed about me. First, he mentioned that his best friend was a transwoman and that he transitioned with her. Then he decided to live as a man again right before he moved far away from his hometown. Second, it was summer and he always had a hat on. Eventually, I figured out that he had a wig and didn’t want to make it obvious. Third, Bill showed me texts Terry sent when I went to his house to pick up my mail. After that, I knew I couldn’t trust Terry at all.

Two new roommates moved in after I did potential roommate screenings. One was alright and the other showed his true side in the following weeks. Let’s call him deaf-hater. When the water bucket challenge to support finding a cure for ALS became viral, Terry and I saw the deaf-hater’s status on facebook that says the challenge should support a cure for deaf people instead of ALS disease. Of course, we were insulted and furious. Deaf-hater refused to have a conversation with us. He also hated LGBT people because of his extreme religion beliefs, but he liked the other roommate who was gay. It was probably just because the other roommate was hearing.

Out of the blue, the deaf-hater decided to call our landlord and told him made up bullshit about me that caused me to get an eviction after only 3 months living there. The landlord was completely crazy as well as the lady next door. He constantly emailed me with threats and blamed me for things I didn’t do. So, I started looking for an apartment closer to my university and one off-campus university apartment was available. I heard that they always did such a dirty business to take advantage of students’ money, but I had no choice.

Because my lousy college friends decided to ditch me on the day of move in, I had to move in all by myself with some of Terry’s help. I couldn’t move for a couple of days due to the soreness.

Right before I moved in the new apartment, the office made me sign the lease before letting me see the apartment first. The complexes were fancy and very close to my university, so I thought it should be okay. Nope.

The moment I came in the apartment, I was very shocked at what I saw. The two roommates were not there at that time. There were burnt holes on the carpet from their huge hookah, a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink and dishwasher, food grease all over on the stove and counters, very messy living room and kitchen, full trash bins, broken trash disposal due to many metal things the roommates put in there, extremely dirty pan with many layers of grease from meat, and the refrigerator filled with open, unwrapped raw chickens. Not to mention, the smell was unbearable. I went straight back to the office and demanded that they transfer me to another apartment with an explanation. All they said was that it’s too late because I signed the lease. Transfer fee was over $200. So yeah, the reviews and rumors about this awful policy and business were true. Still, many poor college students like me had no choice when other options were not available.

The condition of the apartment remained the same for the rest of my last year at college. I had to do the trash when the smell became impossible to tolerate, put all of my food in one cupboard while other roommates used 10 cupboards, put all of my clean dishes on the counter, make sure my food was far away from their food but it was hard to do so, double check my drinks every time when I used the ice cubes because a piece of raw chicken actually fell in the ice rack and thawed in my drink once, set the fucking temperature back to normal every 10 minutes all day and night, and put the pan that had never been washed out of the oven every time I needed to use the oven.

About the temperature… it was impossible to believe how those people got accepted in my university. They always set the temperature at 40-60°F throughout the year and constantly opened all windows in the living room. Yes, even during the freezing winter! That winter was the worst due to many days of below zero weather and bad blizzards. I had to cover the vent with a plastic bag in my bedroom and buy a portable heater. Then the electric bills rose due to high air conditioner and my heater. After complaining to the office for months, I had many good reasons not to pay the electric bills.

At the end of the year, I went to the office to return the keys and demanded that I meet with the manager. I told the manager about all of the pictures of damages and complaints that I sent him months ago and that I’m not paying a cent for it. After I gave him the list of damages, he hastily said he will take care of it with $ in his eyes.

It was finally the end of horrible years with roommates and time to move on with my life, or at least I thought. My partner chose a university in a different state so I decided to move there with him. Because he was going to live on-campus, I had to find a place to live until he was able to live with me after his first year. When I was searching for roommates that matched my requirements, one couple contacted me and I hoped this time would be better. My partner and I met this couple when we drove a long way to check the university out and explore the area to get the feel of it before we move. Despite their nice, friendly actions, something definitely seemed off about this middle aged couple and my partner had a really bad feeling, but I couldn’t change my financial situation so I decided to move in their house for cheap rent. Also they were LGBT friendly and had a transgender tenant, so I thought I’d be more comfortable living in the friendly environment. If you’re enjoying my story so far, here’s my last story about the last worst roommates. I will call this couple the whales.

Right after we met the whales, on the way back home, my partner received 80+ texts from them… even though I was the one moving in. They were freaking out about transgender stuff as well as a lot of personal information about them that I really didn’t want to know. It was so weird and creepy. When I moved in, things were alright for the first few weeks. Then they started blowing up my phone screaming at me for small mistakes I made, such as not cleaning out the dishwasher often enough, and the rest was totally made up shit or stuff that either they or the other roommate must have done. They were so delusional and it was impossible to reason with them. Oh, they also had too many cats (7) and dogs (2 huskies) and my partner and I repeatedly accidentally stomped on dogs’ shit and cats’ vomit. They didn’t tell us about the cats until I moved in so I had to take several allergy medications every day to keep my allergy under control.

As time passed, I realized that the whales were opposite from the roommates I lived with during my last year of college. They were obsessed with blowing up my phone accusing me for messes I didn’t make, making atrocious insults, blaming me for being deaf, and talking about rules that didn’t make any sense, which I will explain below. They didn’t understand what deaf means because they were insulted that I didn’t hear them coming in the house and saying hi when I was cooking in the kitchen….lol. Want to know one rule that caused me to have my very first car accident on their driveway?

During the winter, they forbade the tenants to wipe the snow and ice off their cars on the driveway. We had to do it on the street, but how can we see when we get out of the driveway if there are 3-4 cars?! Because I preferred to do it while nobody was home so I wouldn’t be watched, one night when the whales were gone, I decided to do it to get it over with. My car was parked on the spot that I never used due to the other car being parked on my usual spot. So it was my first time backing from that spot while having snow and ice on all windows. As I was looking back with my door open, my car got stuck because of ice and it was difficult to get out of that spot. By the time my car finally got out, I went on the street to clean my car. After I was done, I parked on my usual spot. Around an hour later, while I was having a good time chatting with my partner on Skype, I got a text that commanded me to go outside immediately. Confused, I went outside and the whales were screaming at me for scratching their car. I was appalled because I definitely didn’t feel that and it was very minor paint damage, but they thought I did it on purpose and insisted that the damage would cost over $1,000. It actually wasn’t even close to that price, and who wants to ruin your own car on purpose?

This was definitely the final straw of nonsense bullshit. I couldn’t take it anymore. After I finally got a job after months of searching, I moved out immediately. That was a few days after the preventable minor accident. The whales wasted their time repeatedly slamming the door in front of me while I was moving out my things. One day after I moved in a studio apartment, they sent me a text saying that they called their lawyer and the lawyer advised them to keep me out of their property, even though I needed to get my mail before it was forwarded to my new address. I laughed so hard and told them to not contact me ever again. That’s when we started to call them the whales. Two reasons: they were very rude obese people and when they get angry, they blow up!

I wonder to myself, how did I meet all those lunatic people over the years?

Oh, that heaven came back when I started living without roommates after 7 long years. Eventually, my amazing partner moved in with me and that was the best thing that ever happened to me!
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    dude, try to explain about yourself at the beginning, im not even sure about a lot of stuff about you. are you deaf?

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