Roommates: The Seven Worst Years of My Life cialis 30 tablet trial
During my first year at my university, I lived in a single room. Man, that was the best year I ever had at a school. Because I could focus, my grades were excellent. I had complete privacy of my own. I even had my own bathroom and shower! That was heaven, especially for an only child.

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At the end of the year, I went to the office to return the keys and demanded that I meet with the manager. I told the manager about all of the pictures of damages and complaints that I sent him months ago and that I’m not paying a cent for it. After I gave him the list of damages, he hastily said he will take care of it with $ in his eyes.

It was finally the end of horrible years with roommates and time to move on with my life, or at least I thought. My partner chose a university in a different state so I decided to move there with him. Because he was going to live on-campus, I had to find a place to live until he was able to live with me after his first year. When I was searching for roommates that matched my requirements, one couple contacted me and I hoped this time would be better. My partner and I met this couple when we drove a long way to check the university out and explore the area to get the feel of it before we move. Despite their nice, friendly actions, something definitely seemed off about this middle aged couple and my partner had a really bad feeling, but I couldn’t change my financial situation so I decided to move in their house for cheap rent. Also they were LGBT friendly and had a transgender tenant, so I thought I’d be more comfortable living in the friendly environment. If you’re enjoying my story so far, here’s my last story about the last worst roommates. I will call this couple the whales.

Right after we met the whales, on the way back home, my partner received 80+ texts from them… even though I was the one moving in. They were freaking out about transgender stuff as well as a lot of personal information about them that I really didn’t want to know. It was so weird and creepy. When I moved in, things were alright for the first few weeks. Then they started blowing up my phone screaming at me for small mistakes I made, such as not cleaning out the dishwasher often enough, and the rest was totally made up shit or stuff that either they or the other roommate must have done. They were so delusional and it was impossible to reason with them. Oh, they also had too many cats (7) and dogs (2 huskies) and my partner and I repeatedly accidentally stomped on dogs’ shit and cats’ vomit. They didn’t tell us about the cats until I moved in so I had to take several allergy medications every day to keep my allergy under control.

As time passed, I realized that the whales were opposite from the roommates I lived with during my last year of college. They were obsessed with blowing up my phone accusing me for messes I didn’t make, making atrocious insults, blaming me for being deaf, and talking about rules that didn’t make any sense, which I will explain below. They didn’t understand what deaf means because they were insulted that I didn’t hear them coming in the house and saying hi when I was cooking in the kitchen….lol. Want to know one rule that caused me to have my very first car accident on their driveway?

During the winter, they forbade the tenants to wipe the snow and ice off their cars on the driveway. We had to do it on the street, but how can we see when we get out of the driveway if there are 3-4 cars?! Because I preferred to do it while nobody was home so I wouldn’t be watched, one night when the whales were gone, I decided to do it to get it over with. My car was parked on the spot that I never used due to the other car being parked on my usual spot. So it was my first time backing from that spot while having snow and ice on all windows. As I was looking back with my door open, my car got stuck because of ice and it was difficult to get out of that spot. By the time my car finally got out, I went on the street to clean my car. After I was done, I parked on my usual spot. Around an hour later, while I was having a good time chatting with my partner on Skype, I got a text that commanded me to go outside immediately. Confused, I went outside and the whales were screaming at me for scratching their car. I was appalled because I definitely didn’t feel that and it was very minor paint damage, but they thought I did it on purpose and insisted that the damage would cost over $1,000. It actually wasn’t even close to that price, and who wants to ruin your own car on purpose?

This was definitely the final straw of nonsense bullshit. I couldn’t take it anymore. After I finally got a job after months of searching, I moved out immediately. That was a few days after the preventable minor accident. The whales wasted their time repeatedly slamming the door in front of me while I was moving out my things. One day after I moved in a studio apartment, they sent me a text saying that they called their lawyer and the lawyer advised them to keep me out of their property, even though I needed to get my mail before it was forwarded to my new address. I laughed so hard and told them to not contact me ever again. That’s when we started to call them the whales. Two reasons: they were very rude obese people and when they get angry, they blow up!

I wonder to myself, how did I meet all those lunatic people over the years?

Oh, that heaven came back when I started living without roommates after 7 long years. Eventually, my amazing partner moved in with me and that was the best thing that ever happened to me!
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  1. Agustin says:

    dude, try to explain about yourself at the beginning, im not even sure about a lot of stuff about you. are you deaf?

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