Roommates are scamming me

20160503_122654I have 3 roommates who seemed great when I met them on my last day in Ny to apt search. A month later I now live here and realized they totally took advantage that I was moving from out of town in order to get my money but don’t come through on verbally agreed to terms. I was only told days before that they didn’t install the shower that they were supposed to, and then when I arrived the bedrooms were not completed either! The only thing was a half wall making my “bedroom” plywood, but don’t lean on it or you’ll fall through since the other side of the wall isn’t completed. The storage space I was to have? They filled it with their own junk and refuse to make room for me. Now I’m crammed into my bedroom the consists of a twin bed, and all my boxes piled high around me. And I pay the most rent but don’t get storage space, but they do! On top of that, they made it so that I don’t get a check deposit back, I can only get it back as rent payments, so now I’m forced to stay here for 2 more months or else lose my deposit. I will NEVER trust verbal promises again. 1 plus is that I now have material and motivation to start blogging again. Doris Rantz will be chock full of text messages and evidence of this injustice, I have already started!

*the picture is the space with their crap, minus a couple items that they took away, but the opposite side is just as bad.
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