This may be my neighbor’s story. When in college I had a roommate who frequently came home late in the evening (or perhaps early in the morning). He was loud, and not popular among our neighbors within the small complex of identical apartments. We had had run-ins with a few neighbors, who preferred sleeping to staying up all night.

He befriended (and later married) a female two floors up at the complex. One fateful evening, when he was visiting her, he had more than too much to drink; lucky to awaken only hours later on the couch of our neighbor two floors up, who probably would’ve happily beat him to a pulp had he been detected.
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2 Responses to Roommate?

  1. The guy in the story says:

    Kim – Thanks for posting the story I was going to post about myself. Now I don’t have anything to post.

  2. oldhat says:

    Nice. My sophomore year in college I returned to my room early one Sunday morning- like at 3 AM – only to find my roommate passed out on the floor next to his bed and the guy two doors down passed out in my bed wearing nothing but his tighty-whities and no clothes in sight.

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