Roommate couldn’t keep up with rent

Before I met my husband, I moved in with this woman who seemed ok at first. She had no problems with my two cats, and I was going to have the master bedroom with suite bathroom. When I moved in, I found out that she was going to control all of the utilities and rent, I was just supposed to pay half. I was fine with that, although I did kinda want to at least be able to make some changes if needed. Like, add long distance to the phone bill, or change the electric to equal pay every month. But ok, I can handle this. No worse than with any other roommate.

Came home one day to a notice on the door. Rent hadn’t been paid, notice was for five day notice, or we’d be evicted. WTH??? I had paid my part of the rent, given it to her before the rent was supposed to be due. Called her, found out that she didn’t have her part of the rent yet, so hadn’t paid, or let me know. I had the money in my bank, so I went ahead and paid the remainder of the rent, and got repaid later that week. After asking some pointed questions, it turned out that this was a monthly thing. Apparently almost every single month, she had been able to just skirt getting evicted, but was always paying a late fee due to being late every month.

At least she wasn’t trying to get me to pay part of the late fee. One month, I was going to be late. I offered to pay the entire late fee, if she was able to give me her portion before the rent was due. Otherwise, I was going to pay half of the late fee, she cover the rest. Well, I only had to pay half. It got so bad, I paid the entire rent for two months, just so she could catch up. In exchange, I took her computer, which wasn’t in bad shape for the time. Then, the computer messed up, and my new boyfriend (who I later married) tried fixing it. Turned out that the OS was screwed. Not only did my roommate freak out, she got some friends to install a different OS on it. Then, when they tried to return the computer, she refused to allow them to return it unless she was home. Apparently, she refused to admit that she had sold the computer, and didn’t want anyone to allow me to get it back. Since the new OS was no good, I ended up re-installing the original one, with the help of my boyfriend and another friend of mine.

My god, this roommate could NOT keep up with the bills, whether it was the rent or the utilities. She ended up borrowing enough that I could have not even paid for a month of rent, and this was AFTER I had covered two months by myself. I ended up leaving before the end of the lease, moving in with my boyfriend. However, I was released from the lease, and therefore not responsible in any way for any further charges. Instead of leaving without paying anything, I did go ahead and pay my half of the rent for one more month. I requested that she pay me the money she owed within a month, but I never did see anything other than $35 a few months later. She wanted to “buy” my microwave the day I left, but I refused to leave it, because I knew I wouldn’t receive a penny from it.

The aggravation I had to go through in order to make any changes to benefit us monetarily was gruesome. I tried changing the electric to be equal payments for a year, but she kept putting it off until it wasn’t available again. You could only sign up for that service on certain months, and the delays she put in place caused me to be unable to do it. It took me months to get her to add long distance to the phone, which I was the one willing to pay for it. This was to allow me to talk to my boyfriend, since he lived in another state. And the fact that she wouldn’t admit to anyone that the computer was no longer hers? That meant that the computer ended up with someone else for almost a month, after they “repaired” it by installing a different OS. Turned out to be a barely functional one, one that even Microsoft disavowed soon after it was introduced. Needless to say, I had nothing further to do with this roommate once I moved in with my boyfriend, other than to try recovering something of what she owed me. I think it was almost $400? And all I got was something like $35. What a ripoff.
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