Roommate couldn’t keep up with rent

At least she wasn’t trying to get me to pay part of the late fee. One month, I was going to be late. I offered to pay the entire late fee, if she was able to give me her portion before the rent was due. Otherwise, I was going to pay half of the late fee, she cover the rest. Well, I only had to pay half. It got so bad, I paid the entire rent for two months, just so she could catch up. In exchange, I took her computer, which wasn’t in bad shape for the time. Then, the computer messed up, and my new boyfriend (who I later married) tried fixing it. Turned out that the OS was screwed. Not only did my roommate freak out, she got some friends to install a different OS on it. Then, when they tried to return the computer, she refused to allow them to return it unless she was home. Apparently, she refused to admit that she had sold the computer, and didn’t want anyone to allow me to get it back. Since the new OS was no good, I ended up re-installing the original one, with the help of my boyfriend and another friend of mine.

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