Pseudo Best Friend

here’s a timeline of my roommate issues

-roommate has been a close friend(if not my best friend) since kindergarten

-when we first moved in i would place my recycling by the trash can,a common practice in the home I grew up in. she would follow that by opening my door when I was away and placing the recycling on my bed.

-she would leave lights on,id never make an issue of it AND I pay the electric Bill and the one time I did she would text me saying things like ,”I work hard for my money,please don’t leave lights on”

-freaked out when I deleted one of her shows when I knew it was on demand which I told her and that I wouldn’t have deleted it if it wasn’t already on demand and yet she deletes to her own discretion all the time,NEVER asking beforehand but I never feel like it’s important enough or that I care enough to mention it,it’s a TV show it’ll come on again

-had her fiancĂ© try to move in a couch that would’nt fit in the door so she proceeded to leave the couch (vertically) right beside our front door the entire time we’ve lived here

-has left her old mattress and box spring in the living room since August

-requests i not leave the house after 10:30 PM on weeknights because when the front door is opened her dog barks and wakes her up so I have lived by this rule and if I get back later than 1030 I go in the window so this all was not an issue for me because I care about her and have no problem dealing with Her unless she isnt understanding of me in return or try to be compromising

so,about a week ago I left my dog alone till about 3 am because I went out and he ended up barking and waking her up and then at 730 the next morning Her fiancé texts me cussing me out despite many attempts

I have not spoken or seen my roommate,just wrote her a letter hoping she’ll respond I’ll be heartbroken if i lose her friendship

also,we had a convo a few months ago where she wanted to move out because

I didn’t clean enough for her standards (which she would only mention after I messed up and didn’t fit her expectations).

-I stayed out past 11 on weeknights
-she could hear my dogs nails on the floor at night,got mad when I accidentally dropped something while she was asleep once or twice

-didn’t shut the sliding door well enough

-texted her too much trying to communicate I.e. trying to figure out whether or not my cat could live with us

-made bad choices with guys
I agreed to try my absolute best to abide by every single one of those things but that sometimes too much is being asked of me and it affects my happiness

-she also leaves notes to not change the thermostat when I’m fucking freezing saying its because she exercises more and is always hot and maybe if I exercised as much as her Id be hot all the time too

-NEVER takes trash out or empties dishwasher,I do it every time

basically she told me I am a bad friend and have treated her like **** because I knew that she was a light sleeper and went out on a weeknight regardless of that and my dog barked and woke her up.

said she needs a roommate with a real job not one that changes jobs all the time and that she’s been there for me through that and now that my dog woke her up that she can’t be there for me anymore

when I told her i had begun therapy recently for being kind of depressed/anxiety/PTSD she said “I’m sure all you’re doing is talking shit about me and some random therapist is now telling you what a bad roommate I am”

when I tell her I haven’t treated Her poorly for instance climbing in my window so I don’t wake her up,she says all im trying to do is make her feel guilty.
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6 Responses to Pseudo Best Friend

  1. oldhat says:

    So you’ve known this woman since kindergarten, she was your “best friend” and you didn’t know any of this about her before you moved in with her? All I can say is wow.

    • taokerouac says:

      well we grew apart for a few years and moving in together was something we both always wanted to do but I guess in the time we were apart she’s changed haha :-/

  2. ohhh my god says:

    You SHOULD NOT cater to her requests. She is a child. You come home when you feel like it. You walk in the door, not climb in the window. You do your own dishes, she does her own. This stops today. You need to be happy too and if she is not considerate, you don’t need to give her the time of day.

  3. Buggsey says:

    She kinda seems crazy….! .. I wish I could follow my own advise.. but stand up for yourself… shes from what you said in the wrong.. (not the dog waking her up.. if that happened every single week,…(your dog waking her up…once) .then yeah itd get annoying.. While the 10:30 thingy over her dog.. therefore not your issue.. cant she train the dog?
    As for the couch… dump it ..same with the matterass… or tell your landlord could he get it removed for you (even sell it… if I’ve picked it up right shes just abbandoned it there)

    What ever you do good luck,.

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