Piece of Sh!t

I had a few horror stories in college but the worst took place once I moved off campus. I moved into a house with 4 guys (I’m a girl.) At first we were all fine (taking out our own trash, cleaning up our own messes) until about 2 months into living there. We all made a mutual decision to get a dog (that everyone would mutually rotate taking care of) we determined we were adults the discussion didnt need to go further then that. Except it should have the dog was approx. 1-2 years old and had the mind set of a 6 month old puppy who required lots of training and patience.
We cleaned up alot of his accidentss after coming home at work but, we kept trying to train him. We thought the dog was just having accidents. One of our roommates who was home when the rest of us went too work wasn’t taking care of him at all. He refused to take him out before he went to work, pick up any accidents he might of had between his morning walk at 7am & 3pm. Our house smelled terrible from the set in shit stains, pee spots, and our door ledges were filled with bite marks because in the dogs attempts to hold it before we’d come home he’d bite the edges of the wall to distract himself. I spent countless hours hand cleaning the carpet, stairs, walls, etc. The house was “better” but, somewhere in the house something extremely stank. I couldn’t find a source, so I assumed it was just a residual smell. The smell simmered down but, never quite went away. After sometime, I decided to do some rearranging. I moved a recliner chair that sat just a few inches from the wall in our living room. That’s where I found it…the holy(shit) Grail of the “residual smell.” There it was the largest pile of now crusted, dried, pruned dog shit behind the chair! There was no way in hell my dog could have fit behind the chair so someone must have moved the chair in front of the shit too hide it. I lost my goddamn mind this turd sat so long it dried up to a powder form and left a dent in my carpet! How disgusting!!! There was a cherry on top of this shit sundae (almost literally) the same roommate to apparently “prove a point” stuck an empty pack of L&Ms in the shit when it was fresh. His point apparently of moving the chair, & topping it off w/ an empty pack was to prove how “oblivious and lazy” we all were with the dog. Excuse me??? I couldn’t even…that roomate was a bigger piece of shit then what I found behind the chair.
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