People Change

A little over a year ago I moved into an apartment with my then girlfriend and best friend. (It would be fun I said!) What a turn of events. As time went by I realized how controlling my girlfriend was, I couldn’t even hang out with my best friend in the living room while she was home because it was cutting into “our time.” *Insert eye roll* Along with other issues with her, I decided to call it quits despite our Lease not being up. (I had 4 months left). As expected it was a nightmare.

We shared a bed/bedroom and neither of us had anywhere to go to get away from each other during this awkward situation. I would come home to locked doors and/or her “playing” with a knife because she was suicidal. I’d receive threatening texts from her but come home to a mute. Because I was comfortable with her and love her as a friend, I tried to reason with her to give us a chance to remain peaceful friends. To my surprise, eventually I got through to her and months later we are still roommates and friends.

Now, the surprise twist. About 3 months ago I started noticing some cash missing from inside my dresser. (Backstory: I collect cash from both roommate’s for rent every month and store it until I go to the bank). Occasionally I’ll take cash out of my stash for myself when in need. The first time I noticed cash missing I blamed myself, misplaced or spent it since it was only $50. The second time was about a month later from the first (hmm right around rent time). This time it was $240! I know I hadn’t touched my cash this time and I was very aware of how much I had. This time, I knew something was up and my gut told me exactly who it was. Being that mommy pays for most of her rent and only works part time (if you consider 1-2 days part time), it would make a lot of sense. So I took it upon myself to purchase an indoor security camera (shout out to Costco’s Samsung SmartCam) and set it up the next morning. Here I thought I wouldn’t catch anything if at all for at least another month but guess what? I was WRONG. An hour after setting up I take off to grab something to eat and decide to test it out. Guess who walks into my room minutes after I walked out directly to my drawer and digs in? MY BEST FRIEND.

Yep, the low life I helped move out of her mommy’s whom claimed she would work any job to make it out here because it’s that important to her was stealing from me. I knew I was in for trouble when the first month of living together she claimed being mugged of all her money and being a concerned friend I covered her rent with a promise to be paid back when she can. Here we are over a year later, haven’t seen one cent of that first months rent and now I have proof of her stealing from me. What scum. Longer story short, during confrontation I had her sign her lease termination and unfortunate 30 day notice. My landlord wouldn’t make an exception to let me kick her out sooner. So with caution, I steer clear of her. As much as I’d like to rip her a new hole I’d rather take the high rode. She will be out of my life in a few weeks. Our 6 year friendship has ran it’s course.

Seriously people, invest in a happier stress free life and just rent or buy ALONE. TRUST NO ONE.
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