Foot Dust and Nudity

This happened a couple years ago, and it is still horrible to even think about. I am a girl, and I was about 20 years old. I shared a room with a girl my junior year of college, which was not new to me as I had a shared room since beginning college, to save money. I have gotten along easily with all my other roommates, and had few problems, but this roommate was different. I decided to simply have a roommate assigned this semester, to simplify things. She was a very odd girl, and had some strange habits, and honestly seemed a little bit crazy. This would not turn me off for being her friend, but she also made it clear she wasn’t looking for friends.
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Don’t offer a friend in need a place to stay for free!

I went to a commuters college right after high school, so I still lived with my mom at the time. My second semester I ended up sharing 3 classes with the same guy, very heavy, extremely gay, awesome to talk to and hang out with between classes. After about a year he told me his parents were kicking him out, since his grades weren’t that great. Mine weren’t either (I’ve never been a great student) so I sympathized and said I would talk to my mom about seeing if he could stay with us for a while. My mom is cool with it, saying he could use the guest bedroom, free of charge.

The day before he moves in he comes over so I can give him a key, show him his room, and give him a tour of the house. The first thing he says when he sees his room was “oh, it’s not a king bed” I just looked at him and was like “no, the room isn’t big enough and all the beds in the house are full size.”
“My bed at home is a king” my thoughts were, well good for you but your parents kicked you out so you get a full. What did he expect us to do, but him a new bed?
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What’s that smell?!

This morning I woke up and smelled something funny. I thought it was mold or mildew or something but had a metallic sent to it. I figured I’d go to work and pick up some cleaning supplies after to get rid of the ‘mold’. After I got home I went to clean the bathroom. The trash was overflowing because my roommate refuses to take it out even though she’s the only one that uses it. I shortly realized that the smell was coming from the trash. There were of old pads that had been sitting in the trash for about two maybe three months and they reeked. I have never felt so sick in my life!
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Gross & aggresive

I could not think of a worst situation with a roommate. Weeks at a time the garbage will be full, dirty dishes, cigarette butts stacked, and smells awful. He basically lives for next to nothing and makes 2x as much as we do. He doesn’t care and poor mouths to every person available. Past weekend took the cake, straight lied and had to miss our nephews birthdays. Slammed the door and completely trashes everything. Stays dirty and lies constantly,but almost a year’s record of his mess keeps me sane.
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Book smart Common Sense dumb!

So my roommate is a total slob and a major lazy SOB. BUT this One week takes the cake. I got up at 6:45 in the morning so as to avoid him and making myself late for work. I then step in a big puddle of piss. Yep thats right he missed the toilet and left it, for me his female roommate to step in. So now I’m mad but I shower and continue on to my day. Before I leave I wake him up so he isn’t late for work and inform him to clean up his damn piss spot with bleach. I then leave for work and notice that someone hit my mailbox. So I grab my mortgage check and my utilities check worth close to 1000 dollars out of the mailbox and take it to one of those US blue boxes. So I come home from work and he ask me what I am doing with the hammer. I say I have to bang out the mailbox because someone hit it. He then informs me he hit my mailbox last night and looked at it through the rearview mirror and thought it was “OK”. Then when I go back into the bathroom I find that he did not clean up his pee spot. UGHHH…
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Alcoholic With Abusive Boyfriend

Most of this happened to a friend, but I did live with the bad roommate for a brief period of time.

My friend, “Karen”, lived with two other women who were graduate students in a 3-bedroom apartment. These are off-campus apartments that lease by the bedroom, so if your roommate doesn’t pay rent, it doesn’t harm you. “Mel” was nice, but “Mary” had a lot of problems.

Mary was a lot older than all of us, and had some young adult children who didn’t live with her. So, you’d think she’d have her act together. Nope. Mary had a huge drinking problem. What’s worse was that she was also doing other drugs and would bring her drug dealer over to sleep with him. Mary had a boyfriend, Chad, whom Mary had claimed was an abusive rapist. She still kept bringing him to the apartment because she clearly did not care about her safety or the safety of Karen and Mel.
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Was Mom, not roommate

I am a bit older and a little stuck in my ways, but I wasn’t thinking that I would be playing parent to the Princess. The Princess is sweet, but very young.
After she moved in we probably should have sat down and set some ground rules, but I haven’t had to do that before. There were several discussions that cleaning had to be done on a weekly basis. She understood that to mean that I would do all the cleaning. She did do her dishes and take out the trash unnagged but nothing else. But she was going to step up and we didn’t need a cleaning schedule. Yeah, right.
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