Oldie but Goodie

This actually happened about 15 years ago when I just got out of high school and was desperate to get out of my parent’s house. Through a mutual friend I met “Jorge.” He was a at least ten years older than me and lived in the part of town my Dad called “wrong side of the tracks” in a basement apartment in his parent’s house (they lived upstairs). Jorge was a small-time pot dealer- all he sold were joints to the neighborhood kids. He also worked in the kitchen of a local greasy spoon restaurant. My friend and I were over at Jorge’s apartment one afternoon to buy a couple joints off him and, of course, had to sit and smoke a few bowls with Jorge too when I mentioned that I was looking for a place to live. Jorge said he had plenty of room and if I wanted, I could move in for a while and see how I like it. Well, being 18 years old and not very smart I jumped on the opportunity and a couple days later came over with my meager belongings and moved in.

A little about this basement apartment. It really wasn’t even an apartment. It was, in fact, a basement and just that. It was unfinished. Concrete floor and walls, metal posts and no interior walls, the house’s furnace and water heater right out in the open in the corner. There was a toilet, sink and small shower tucked away in one corner, wide open to the room. Jorge had an old, beat up couch (which doubled as my bed), a couple over-stuffed chairs, a coffee table, a small kitchen table that had a microwave and toaster oven on it, his single bed and an old TV and his stereo set-up (top of the line, of course!). He did have a throw-rug on the floor in front of the couch, other than that COLD concrete floors. And the furnace was LOUD plus you could hear everything going on upstairs. No refrigerator. He said $50.00 a month rent and since I was only making about $400 a month at my job as a laborer in construction I was fine by that.

The first night there, Jorge had to work and didn’t get home until just before midnight. I was asleep on the couch, as I had to get up for work at 6 AM. He comes in, wakes me up and asks me if I want to smoke a joint with him, turns on the TV pretty loud and sits down on the end of the couch at my feet. Fine- I wake up and we end up staying up until 2 AM watching an old movie. I’m 18, stupid and don’t care and end up showing up to work a half hour late and getting chewed out. That went on pretty much every night when he came home from work. He’d wake me up, we’d smoke out and watch TV until he went to bed. A couple weeks later I got fired for being continually late for work so now I was trying to live off about $200 a month in unemployment.

A couple days later I am late on the rent. It’s a morning and I’m just hanging around the apartment with Jorge. He had picked up some really good red bud and we were sitting on the couch watching cartoons and getting stoned as hell. He reminded me I owed him money suddenly (and that he was letting me smoke a LOT of his weed with him)- I tell him I’m sorry about the rent and I’ll get it to him as soon as I can and he says I can do him a favor instead. I said “Okay, what?” and he slides over next to me on the couch, puts his hand on my knee and starts rubbing up and down my thigh. I was really stoned and getting paranoid because of it. Now Jorge was a BIG guy. He had six inches and 75 pounds on me, and was very muscular. I was 18 year-old wimpy kid. I was trying to figure out what he was doing. He said “Just lean back and relax” so I did- nervously. He unzipped my jeans, pulled down my pants and started to fondle me. I remember asking “What are you doing?” or something like that and he kept saying “Just relax.” I ended up naked on his bed, on my stomach, legs spread and him on top of me- and SCARED as hell.

I had only been in that apartment for a month. My parents were super pissed-off at me for not going to college and basically becoming a low-life unemployed pothead. I was NOT getting back into their house and my old bedroom. And now I had an older man, much bigger and stronger than me, saying I can stay with him and he will “take care of me” as long as I continue to “do him favors.” Come to find out I wasn’t the only one who was doing him favors. Now that I wasn’t working, I was hanging around the apartment all day with Jorge. Guys were coming by constantly to buy weed off him, and mostly high school and college kids. There were at least five kids- three who I knew were definitely under 18 who were trading “favors” for weed and I found myself a participant in many sessions with these other guys. I hated it. Jorge wasn’t being rough on us or anything- he was actually very gentle- but he was asking me to do things I didn’t really want to do but felt I had to because by that point he was feeding me and giving me a place to stay.

That went on for a good half of a year when one after noon their was a knock on the door and it was one of the other kids who was doing Jorge “favors,” the kid’s father and two policemen. I spent a night in jail and was released without charges after telling the police what was going on. I never saw Jorge again or heard what happened to him and ended up moving in with another friend.
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  1. Christian Mosley says:

    Umm. Just wondering…I understand your circumstances were far from ideal @ 18 years of age…What compelled you to allow this older gentleman to suck you off, and for you to return the favor? I am assuming that’s what you’re referring to. At 18, blaming a deprived situation just doesn’t excuse this man. Just admit it, you’re gay.

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