Not MY Roommates, But Still…

About 10 years ago in Florida, I was dating a guy (we’ll call him S) that was originally from Atlanta. He was attending Full Sail (a college that mostly trains people to work in the entertainment industry), and had a nice apartment fairly close to the school. We had been dating for a while, and I was spending most of my time with him if I wasn’t at work. Pretty much, I was living with him, even though I had my own apartment with my sister. Now, S was not the cleanest of people. His room was kind of trashed (mostly with cigarette ash all over the place) and there was junk everywhere in his apartment. It was a bit gross, but somewhat habitable, since he at least did things like wiping down his bathroom and washing dishes within a day of using them.

S was contacted by a friend of his from Atlanta that wanted to move down here with her boyfriend (I don’t even remember their real names, so they will be K, the girl, and T, the guy), and needed a place to stay while they settled in, found their own place, got jobs, etc. This wasn’t a problem since he had a spare room he didn’t use for anything other than as a “catchall” for the crap he wanted to keep out of the living room. S and I spent two days cleaning up his apartment making it look really nice to welcome them. We got all the junk out of their bedroom, swept, mopped, vacuumed, and we even cleaned up his bedroom (because by then, why not?). That place looked REALLY clean and organized when K and T arrived, and I had a nice dinner ready and waiting for them.

They seemed to be very nice at first, and kept to themselves in their room for the most part for the first week. Then, it became extremely evident that they kept to themselves, because they liked to smoke weed. A LOT of weed. Just *how* much wasn’t immediately apparent, but more on that later. Shortly after they moved in, the apartment started getting more and more trashed. Dishes covered with food that were left in the sink for days at a time, garbage all over the floor, DVDs and video game boxes everywhere, etc. S kept getting after them to clean up more, not be so sloppy in the first place, and pay him the rent they owed. K and T would talk about how they were too busy trying to get jobs, but this was obviously at best an exaggeration, and at worst an outright lie, since they rarely ever left their room, except to steal food either S or I had bought for ourselves. We wouldn’t have minded this as much, if they had at least occasionally stocked the fridge for themselves, but they never bought anything other than fast food.

Going back to the weed situation, that’s pretty much all those two did. Every day it was eat, sleep, play video games, have sex, smoke a bunch of weed at various intervals, then repeat the next day. S and I aren’t against people getting high every once in a while, but have some balance to your life for crying out loud! Go do SOMETHING that doesn’t involve you getting baked, even if it’s just for a few hours. Well, finally T handed S a bunch of money for the rent. It still wasn’t enough, but it was something. S was kind of puzzled as to where he got it, because as far as we knew, neither K nor T had a job yet. Then strangers started showing up at all hours looking for T, and S realized that T had started dealing weed out of the apartment. The best story from that particular issue is once at about 2:30 am, S and I were in the middle of being intimate, when someone started POUNDING on the front door. We tried ignoring it, but they wouldn’t go away. When S finally answered, the guy just said “Is T here?” and S told him he wasn’t, and to not EVER come back at that ridiculous hour again. He then proceeded to chew out T for dealing out of his house, basically saying “I don’t give a shit if that’s what you do for money, but you WILL NOT do it here!”

The biggest blowup came when I decided I had had enough of living in a complete disaster area, and I cleaned up the whole place again, with the obvious exception of K and T’s room, since there was no way I was going in there. Immediately after I had finished cleaning, I went to work for a 6 hour shift. S was in class for most of the day, but came back briefly and sent a text thanking me for cleaning up. When I got back to the apartment, it was already completely trashed again! It actually seemed to be WORSE! S was so furious when he came home that he dragged K and T out of their little hidey hole, and forced them to apologize to me and do some cleaning. I was mostly baffled as to *how* they managed to make it THAT big of a mess in so short a time.

In the end, K and T were forced to move out anyway, because S (being done with school) was moving back up to Atlanta (that also effectively ended our relationship), and there was no way they could afford the apartment on their own. The filth they left in that place was really bad. S said he ended up with at least half an ounce worth of marijuana that he vacuumed out of their bedroom floor, dishes in the sink with maggots crawling through the food, garbage all over the place, and STILL not having paid all the money they owed. I can’t even imagine the living situation they ended up in when left to their own devices.
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  1. oldhat says:

    I’ve had a couple past roommates who were total potheads. Every morning they did what I called the “wake and bake” routine and would continue doing hits all day long. Yup. A 42 year-old man who sits around the house all day in a bathrobe watching porn and masturbating who claims “a little weed never did anyone any harm.”

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