Not My Problem

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So I started hiding my medications in my bedroom/bathroom. Then I overheard a conversation between them, in which I found out they were making me pay half the bills, while they split the other half. Not 3 equil ways. So I started writing her checks for 1/3 of the bills rather than half. (The bills were in her name.) She discovered I was doing this around the second set of bills. By the next set of bills, around 7 months of him living there at this point, he suddenly lost his job. Probably due to the fact he never went to work because he was “too tired”. I then got a text saying I needed to pay half of the bills while she paid the other half. I said no, that if he was going to continue to live there then he needed to find another job or file for unemployment. Two weeks later I get anot her text from her saying I owed $x for the bills but she refused to show me the bills. She claimed that she had signed up for paperless billing to save money but she refused to sign in and show me the bill and she wouldn’t take a picture of it with her phone. We spent two hours fighting over this. Literally. Something that would simply take 5 minutes to do and she spent more time arguing with me over it than doing it. I became so fed up that I told her “I’m not paying a dime to you until you show me the bill.” She took that as I’m not going to pay the bills period. A week later I got a text from him saying “You need to stop running up the bills if you aren’t going to pay them.” This from the sloth who has yet to apply for a new job, nearly 2 months after getting laid off. The lazy leach who has sat around for weeks playing video games and running up the bills himself while I slept during the day and worked during the night. A positive that came out of this though was that it got me into writing again.
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