Never share a room with your best friend

Tom and me grew up together. He lived two doors down from me growing up and we was best friends since like third grade. We even started our first jobs together on the same day at the same place when we was both hired by Kroger to be baggers when we was still seniors in high school. Tom and me was talking about getting a apartment together for a long time but we couldn’t really afford much with our car payments and all so we got a little one bedroom apartment and said we would share the bedroom and if one of us had a girl over or something the other one would take the couch. Well everything was cool for like a year then things started to get real bad. I guess it started when Tom started to hang out in our neighbors apartment, this older guy named Fred.

I stopped going over to Fred’s with him like after a month cuz I don’t like drinking and I don’t like smoking cuz my dad was a major alcoholic who died of lung cancer when I was 14 and Tom knows that. He started drinking alot with Fred and then started smoking to so like he would spend a couple hours over at Fred’s watching TV and stuff then come back to our apartment stinking like beer and cigarettes and on nights where we didn’t have to work the next day he would get shitfaced drunk. So I have to smell cigarettes all night in our room cuz now Tom smokes all the time and when he gets drunk he snores like crazy and farts all night. Like three months ago I got promoted from bagger and now I work behind the deli counter so I’m making a couple bucks more a hour and I don’t have to change shifts much any more. Tom got like all pissed off at me for taking the job and here’s why. We don’t work together alot anymore so that means he has to drive to work instead of riding with me. He says he can’t afford that cuz his pickup only gets like 7 miles to the gallon. Yeah, so I drive a little VW Golf that’s rusting out and not in to good of shape that gets like 25 miles to the gallon and its my fault he drives that monster truck with monster fucking tires that sucks gas. Now he saying that cuz I make more than him I should pay more rent than him. Then there’s this and this really pisses me off. I’m like getting ready for work the other day and I just get out of the shower and I open my dresser to pull out my last clean pair of underwear and they are gone so I throw on the pair I wore the day before and get dressed and go to work and ask Tom and he says “yeah I ran out of clean underwear so I took a pair of yours.” He does that shit alot with my work pants, work shirts, socks and pretty much everything else. He runs out of clean clothes so he steals mine then he never washes them he just throws them on my pile of dirty clothes and now I’m finding burn holes in my work shirts from him smoking cigarettes. I shoulda never moved in with him.
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