Never choose your bestie

I was looking for a roomate anyway so i kissed my city life goodbye, hugged my awesome social circle close to my cleavage and promised to never lose touch and made my way back to the single most depressing shit show of a town ive ever had the misfortune to reside in and set to work righting my friends life cause apparently she was a helpless babe. I helped her reclaim her car from her bf, and left my new job on lunchbreak to help her move her stuff while her bf was out, comforted her, peptalked her, encouraged her to soul search. I made all the preparations and found us an apartment. Set up the lease, met the landlords, put the utilities under my name and supplied 75% of the furnishings and purchased another 24%. at first all was good accept for her being mopey and broke all the time. We were both employed casual pot smokers with laid back attitudes and lots in common, or so i thought.

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