Never choose your bestie

My current lease was comming to an end and i was parting ways with a really great roomate of 2yrs. We were two peas in a pod, able to share space and a social life while maintaining boundaries and resolving conflict in a mature way. We were roommates to be. Around this time my old highschool bestie, whom i had stayed loosely in contact with, called me in a blubbering mess and confided in me that her bf of 2 years had become increasingly violent and controlling towards her. To the point that he would snoop through her phone and if she texted someone who had a male sounding name he would interrogate and restrain her. When she attempted to break up with him he wouldnt allow it and would blatantly stalk and intimidate her until she caved in and came whimpering back to her spot beneath his heel. Oh wonderful a snatch and grab in hostile territory. At first i thought “oh this brotha going down im gonna have his nuts in a vice” now i wonder why i ever signed up for this suicide bombing when my friend turned out to be the real osama bin laden of the two.

I was looking for a roomate anyway so i kissed my city life goodbye, hugged my awesome social circle close to my cleavage and promised to never lose touch and made my way back to the single most depressing shit show of a town ive ever had the misfortune to reside in and set to work righting my friends life cause apparently she was a helpless babe. I helped her reclaim her car from her bf, and left my new job on lunchbreak to help her move her stuff while her bf was out, comforted her, peptalked her, encouraged her to soul search. I made all the preparations and found us an apartment. Set up the lease, met the landlords, put the utilities under my name and supplied 75% of the furnishings and purchased another 24%. at first all was good accept for her being mopey and broke all the time. We were both employed casual pot smokers with laid back attitudes and lots in common, or so i thought.

It began with small putdowns like dissing the music i listened to, childhood movies that were close to my heart, the types of friends i kept. It turned into constant barrage of negative input. She loved to put down my dad cause she thought he was an asshole. He is but i fuckin appreciate what hes done for me, ive never seen a man work as hard as he does and he can fix fucking anything. he started out an alcoholic and became a self employed electrician and father of 3, fought through an anneurism to return to us and funded all 3 kids to go to college on his measly earnings. Dont fucken talk shit about my dad thats not cool. She just got nastier and nastier. Id say something out of concern like “that pan on the burner is full of hot oil so dont get splashed” and she’d fucking FREAK and scream at me to “stop parenting her”

Soon everything i said was annoying and everything i did was the wrong thing. She invited people over without saying anything and smoke up a storm in the appartment a day before the landlords came to visit. She let her 15 yr old cousin play hookie from school and enabled her, letting her stay at our place and smoke our weed. i was literally paying money for good kush to have it stolen out of my drawers and smoked by a stupid little child junkie. It gets better. She started being late for rent and stopped paying for groceries. She started stealing my $50 high quality dog food instead of buying her own. Didnt ask and NEVER offered to pick up more from the store. I literally fed her animal for 2 months. Now the dogs became the biggest problem. Hers a yappy inbred poodle with food and toy aggression, obsessive barking, jealousy, and a tendancy to bite and snarl at anyone she hasnt met 50 times or more, has no callback and no concept of how to walk on a leash because my friend would NEVER walk her. My dog is a handful in a different manner. He is a purebred shiba inu and they are known for having a personality and being almost impossible to train. Despite this my dog had a track record of never biting, scarecely barking unless someone was approaching the door like a good guard dog should, he has callback off leash, walks and jogs beside my bike like a champ, is social and playful, listened to my every request and learns tricks faster than a prize racehorse. In short he is SMART and he doesnt listen to someone who doesnt respect him as an individual and be his leader. My roommate couldnt handle him and from how ive seen her interact with animals she hates them all accept for her own dog and literally has no experience in handling animals beyond watching fucken ceasar milan.

We had a system. I worked 8 to 5 and she worked 3 to 11.Id get up for work and take the dogs out to pee, shed get up for work and take them out and crate them at 3 and id uncrate them at 5 when i got home. She hated the crate. She exclaimed her dog didnt need crating that it should just be my dog cause he sucked. Well low and behold first day left uncrated they ripped apart a container of coffee whitener and got it all over the house. I cleaned it up and she blamed my dog even though i found cuts in her dogs mouth from the plastic. soon my dog was the “spawn from hell” and he was always the culprit. I started arriving home and he’d piss himself in front of the door cause she stopped taking him out to pee and he’d hold it for 8 hrs straight. Then she’d blame his accidents on me for being a bad trainer. She started crating him at 8 when i left and wouldnt crate her dog. Her poodle would sit outside the cage and tease him. He started gnawing the bars in boredom till his gums started bleeding and i found the sores. In an act of vegence, and i know it was venegeance because he used to leave stinky farts on my old roomates lap if she’d tease him with his toys, he snuck into her room and pissed on her carpet. “if you refuse to take me to pee i guess ill pee here” was the message he was leaving.

A day after that was the breaking point. She was MAD about the piss puddle (even though i fucking cleaned it for her and apologised) she cornered my dog while i was at work and tried to beat him( i FOUND multiple fresh bruises) He hid under my bed and she tried to drag him out and he bit her. you’d think he fucking tore off a finger the way she screamed at me for it. It looked like a fucking cat scratch and it was her fucking fault for brutalising my fucking dog and thinking he wouldnt defend himself. Hes forever scarred because of her. If hes under the bed just relaxing and i reach under just to pet him his eyes roll back and his snarl is demonic and in those moments he isnt himself. And this a year after the fact. She threatened to call animal control and have him euthanized knowing full well this dog is the ONLY thing that kept me alive during a deep depression, my soul reason for surviving it. After that i couldnt bear to look at her. I told her to fucking leave and never talk to me again. She disrespected me, the person who self sacrificed their fucking great friends and job and city life to come help her. The only person who cared when she was stuck in a bad spot and helped her get out of it. She treated me like a rebound boyfriend and expected me to keep bending over backward so everything could be her way. I cant believe i gave up so much of myself, and worse subjected my sweet loving canine to her violence and abuse just to help a selfish bitter narcissitic entitled little brat who was just as much an abuser as the people she picketed against. Good riddance.
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  1. Bri-bri says:

    Wow. You have my greatest sympathy, my dear. That was one of the worst, saddest stories I’ve ever read. I hope you are doing better now. To hell with that filthy piece of trash woman!

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