the nag who liked vanilla

This girl seemed sweet and harmless and easy going at first….boy was I wrong. She had the will to complain about every little thing and make it an issue and she did. Weekly, sometimes daily, I got multi-paragraph texts about things I had done wrong that inconvenienced her. I turned the AC from 60 to 65 (It was was getting chilly but she liked the room freezing) and got a memoir about how it’s selfish and affecting her quality of sleep and not what we agreed to (we never did).

Then, I didn’t fold my towels and it bothered her, my damp towel got hers wet (they werent even touching) and affected her shower, my essential oils gave her a headache (but she doused the room in cheap awful vanilla room spray whenever i turned around), my facial toner smelled weird, my plant was on her side (it was on the window sill….), I never filled the brita (I filled it and she emptied it she’d put it back empty, not to mention it was mine), my hook had two jackets instead of one and got in her way, my socks smelled (here comes the room spray again), etc. This went on and on, and she finally stopped speaking to me, sighed heavily when I was in eyesight, tried to essentially choke me with her disgusting room spray, talked loudly on the phone and kept the light on at night when I tried to sleep, etc. Such a naggy bitch
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