Morning wood party…

I had freshly graduated high school and decided to venture off as an adult and move out of my parent’s place. I was also a total nerd and decided to attend community college classes during the summer while I worked, and met a girl in my math class who was looking for a roommate. At the bargain price of $200 a month, I jumped on board to live with this girl and her friend. These women were in their 20’s, and I quickly found I was getting my money’s worth. The girl who got me to move in dropped out of classes in a week, and claimed she was too busy on her night job of “bartending”. The other roommate had a significantly older boyfriend who would try to boss me around, and steal my food. And while I could expand on that joker, I decided to instead discuss the most traumatizing part of this experience: the parties.

The second night at my new home involved a group of ten people gathering in the apartment living room to party. It really wasn’t that bad for me and I thought it was kind of cool. This party was the only party I’d say that too. I often worked late, 2:30 to 11. Often getting home at midnight if I biked to work… and this being summer, I worked outside and often needed to chill when I got home. For about a week straight, there were people in the house. Different people. Everyday. I had a day off and left for the day. Came home and there were more people in the house, half of which were high, the other half were fucking in the bathroom or the other bedrooms… even the hallway in front of my door (thankfully not my room). There were nights when the parties didn’t end until 9 in the morning when some of these people left to go to work as forklift operators, school bus drivers, or school teachers. I tossed and turned one night because all I could hear was music, fucking, fighting and laughing all at once, non stop. One night, I got home and to my surprise there was only my roommates. I managed to fall asleep early for once, at around midnight. I began to hear noise again, but it was significantly quiet and I was able to ignore it. I actually wake up because my blanket went missing in the night and to my surprise there were women in my room with a flashlight. One of the women grabbed my junk, through my boxers. “I found it… I found his penis!” she exclaims. Another woman, slurring, says “On man, he doesn’t have morning wood.” The women shuffle out of the room, and stumble down the hallway. I was terrified and confused. A hour or so later, I fully wake up. I thought the earlier encounter was some sick dream of mine. I marched out to the bathroom and see a counter full of dildos with lipstick on them. I try to relieve my morning wood, but am interrupted by the same herd of women. I stood there, trying to pee with a hard dick and these ladies are taking pictures as if they never saw a penis before. One of the roommates was part of this crusade to see my morning wood and she went out the front door yelling about penises. One of the other girls here was genuinely happy to see a penis and followed me into my bedroom where she took her panties off then proceeded to snort something off my night stand and pass out in my bed. I napped on the floor before work and decided it was time to leave.
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  1. Therese says:

    Omg, the loser stories, never end!
    I have a super shitty roommate well two to be precise but since I’m sure to have developed Stockholm syndrome, one of them I could tolerate. Was everyone raised in a barn?

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