Make sure they KEEP jobs.

enhanced-buzz-4346-1365304341-0It all started when I was on a site looking for roommate. A nice lady pops up. Said she knows someone who would be a good match. We get to talking and we eventually meet. They move in. We hang out. Everything is fine.. So. The second week they are here the disaster begins. I had issues paying a major bill account of a lost card.. They had the money. and Refused to help even knowing I was in a tough mess. That passed. I figured it out. Then the new “First” official month. I get told I am harassing her. I am OCD, Perfectionist. I tend to stress. So to make me not so bad, I use a white board. It tells me when bills are due, when they were paid. They didn’t like that. So, with that.. I was called “passive aggressive”. When most people just call it being organized. So, There was thing where we had to state our issues with each other sign this form. It was signed. I had no issue. Because I was doing really nothing wrong.

I found out They:
1. Never did dishes.
2. Kept dishes in her room for days.
3. Quits jobs left and right without having another to replace it.
4. Refuses to lock a door when they leave.
5. Its usually late on paying their end of utilities.
6. Has no care on conserving power
7. Leaving lights on
8. Had illegal substances on the property

Which was all in this form they had to follow. Today was a funny one. They got mad because due to a dog who likes to chew wires; I moved the router to my room. Didn’t change the password or anything. But here’s what I came home too.. Yelling and calling me unneeded names, saying bullshit about I need help. Which I think everyone does in some sense. They quit their job and hasn’t tried to find another one, instead being with friends wasting time. I told them they needed to pay their end of the utilities. They were officially late that day. They wanted it back, really badly it seemed. and it was messed up at the moment thought about making them wait for the Password; since I do have a contract of having to pay utilities. but Its just entertaining. Funny ending they are moving out very soon. and Here’s the funny twist. We never really even hung out, I work ALL the time. So they think I’m this person based off knowing nothing about me.
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