Loud and obnoxious

I am a very quiet person and like to keep to myself. My roommate on the other hand is a nightmare, he is loud, riotous, insanely rude and unbearable. I cannot take the way he talks about me like I can’t hear him when I am in the other room. I also cannot stand how self-righteous he is, only I make the mistakes- he is perfect in all senses in his mind. He comes home drunk every weekend calling my name and asking me to help him and he is always on the phone talking insanely loud and playing very loud music. I hate this negativity and bad energy in the place I am living and it makes me anxiety and paranoia 10 times worse. He is also incredibly racist, sexist, homophobicand transphobic and it’s the worst. I don’t know how to deal with this as I can’t move out, but also can’t go on living like this. I am too scared to confront him as he just laughs at me.
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  1. tanya says:

    Sounds like you already have mental health issues so maybe it’s not all his fault? And how in the world do you make out already that he is “transphobic”? She doesn’t sound scared of anyone to me.

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