Lost 2 best friends

First year of college i decided to move out with two of my best friends S and R and with s bf.And thw nightmare started !!!S was very poor so me and R alwayshelped her with money ,food or anything else .Her family was poor she didn.t have a job for a while imagine that she ate bread or instant soup.Yet she found this boy N ,a real show off .He was as poor as her but he was a “drug dealer ” knew many traficants etc. .He was a smooth talker so R gave him money ,clened after him in the apartament ,make him food they became best friends and i was left out.Why?

because i didn.t stand him and i refused to lwnd him money or clean after him or his friends who came to our apartament to smoke weed and take drugs.In out kitchen and hallway always smelled like shit ,tey wouldn.t take their shoes of ,glasses and bottles were everywhere.S worked almost everyday for 13 hours while he was staying home or go out with his friends ,somwtimea they litteraly were broke but he always had money for weed .She was dressed with old clothes but he always buyed ezpwnsive clothes.He would yell and saear at her in front of us.I was the miserable one because i rwfused to clean after them and they litteraly talked about me in the kitchen knowing that i hear them.Later on he bringes his cousin to live with us winhout me knowing.She nevwr had money for rent ,for 1 month she stayed for free and she was sharing the room with R.I had the smalleat room in the apartment but the demanded a should pay mor rent because i stay alone in the room.Well whi the fuck chose the biggest rooms?you !The couple S and N leaved winhout notice and left us with a big rwnt to live he even left with cousin …2 years later..I live with an amazint girl ,we both clean ,cook ,hang out ,watch movies ,help each other with anything.R realized she was used for money and was just a maid for a her new best friend N ,S still works and supports N and she forgot me and R supported her when she didn.t have anything to eat.Shes a total bitch ,her own bf wouldnt bring hwr cold water when she was working on the beach so she would call me.I saw her 1 month ago..she was wearing the same clothes as 3 years ago .well is hard to support a junky.Shes deservea what she got.
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  1. Slpngkt says:

    1-star for being barely legible garbage. Go apologize to your teachers.

  2. StarrBlaque says:

    Wtf did I just read. Also I know what N means. Nice try at being conspicuous. Dumb ass! You can email me if you have a problem.

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