Losing Jack Knob

My roommate makes life miserable. This roommate sits around all day long farting and never seems to remember to flush the stinking toilet, so it’s common to see large foul floater’s in the toilet. In addition he is constantly playing his computer games and talking to his nerds with the head phones on.. He thinks he is apparently the real Captain Kirk. He works crappy hours from like 10 pm to 6 am., so he is basically never gone! I am in bed usually by 11 and before you know it he is back walking around farting, making the house stink, playing his games.. If I go in the kitchen, he runs out of his stinking room to requesting to borrow food or trying to bum cigarettes. He has never cleaned up after himself since the day he moved in and if you ask him to help with something he will say “No I am going to catch some zzz’s” As he walks away you realize he friggin just blew a nasty fart.. Worst part about is he always complains about having to pay rent and he seems to always be broke because he smokes cigs like they are going out of style! As a result he eats everyone’s food and lies about doing it.. I am done dealing with the annoying roommates.. they only get worse with time.
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