Little Terrorist

I moved in with my girlfriend last year. First thing, let me say that I love her to the ends of the world. She the best thing to ever happen to me except for one thing. Her little brother RJ is Satan. I kid you not. RJ is 8 years old. He comes to our apartment every day after school and stays until about 7 pm when his father comes and picks him up. Here’s my first experience with RJ. He comes in from school and my girlfriend Anne isn’t home from work yet. RJ asks me if he can have something to drink and I say fine. I hear the fridge open and what I thought was a can of coke open. I walked into the kitchen and there stands RJ drinking one of my beers. He looks at me, smiles and says “You didn’t say what I could have.”

I have a cat. RJ lives to torture the cat. The second RJ walks in the house the cat runs into the bedroom and hides under the bed. One day I was sitting reading the paper and all of the sudden I hear the cat absolutely screaming from the bathroom. I run to the bathroom, open the door and RJ is holding the cat down in the toilet and flushing it. Another time I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and the cat comes running in, yowling in pain with RJ chasing him. RJ had put a rubber band around the cat’s neck. I have a leather Ames lounge chair I inherited from my grandfather. This chair is worth about $5,000.00. His dad had to pay me $1000 to have it recovered after RJ thought it would be funny to carve his name in the seat cushion with a paring knife. His dad also had to buy me a new Play Station after RJ dumped a coke on it after me repeatedly telling him not to put the can on top of it. He’s destroyed two controllers too. How, I do not know but he did. A couple weeks ago I was walking past the bathroom and I smelled something God awful. I walk in and look in the shower stall. RJ had taken a shit on the floor because he “thought it was funny.” I also caught him out on our deck pissing in one of Anne’s Boston ferns. Another time I walked in the bathroom to take a piss and looked at the wall next to the toilet. RJ had written “FUCK” and “SHIT” in big bold letters on the wall with a permanent marker. I keep a grill out on our deck. One afternoon a glanced towards the door to the deck and I see an orange, flickering glow. I ran out to find that RJ had doused a full roll of paper towels with charcoal lighter fluid, put it on our glass-top table and lit it on fire. RJ will not listen to either me or Anne. He talks back to Anne all the time, and the kid has a mouth like a toilet. Almost every other word he’s dropping the F bomb. Anne’s parents let him get away with murder. They never discipline the kid. After his dad had to shell out that $1000 to recover my chair I looked at him and said “Your son is going to be in jail by the time he reaches 16.” He just shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know what to do with the kid.” RJ has been taking Ritalin since he’s been 5 according to Anne. I can tell when he doesn’t take it (which is very often) because he can’t sit still for a second. He’s been in so much trouble at school that I’m surprised he hasn’t been kicked out. Anne and I told her parents that as soon as this school year is over, that’s it. We are not taking care of RJ ever again, I don’t care if its only for an hour. Never. Not. Ever. Again.
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4 Responses to Little Terrorist

  1. Jen says:

    That poor kid needs structure and a good role model in his life. I know it’s hard, and he isn’t your child… But I would think long and hard before giving up on him. It sounds like he needs a constructive way to burn off some energy and some positive attention from the adults in his life.

    • Victoria says:

      I think the best place for the terrorist is juvie. Poor kid? It’s the cat I feel sorry for! You can’t blame being a future serial killer on the fact that normal people don’t want animals to get tortured.

  2. freewillie124 says:

    I remember my older brother being the same way when he was that kid’s age. Wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t sit still for a second, always up to no good. It turned out that he acted that way because he was bored in school. My mother had him tested and the school ended up putting him one grade ahead, and in some cases two. He was in third grade and sitting in on fifth grade classes. It was a total turn-around. He stopped getting into trouble all the time.

  3. Mitch says:

    WOW! What happened to people with morals? anyone ever take their children to church anymore? Respect your elders honer your parents? SPANK BAD KIDS! ……… Someone needs to spank that boy until he crys, black and blue on the rear, AND take away all his toys for good let him earn one at a time back for good behavior, until then termination on all electronics and outdoor playtime, confined to his room, better gate it too! Send him to a boarding school where they believe in spanking. GEES! But you know at the end of the day where there is heavy discipline with kids like this, they turn out to be the best people (even though they don’t stop with discipline)… where there is none, forget it.

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