Little Secret

After that, I noticed that he started to spend most evenings in his room- door locked, music playing but I could always hear the clatter of his keyboard as he typed away so I figured he was just chatting online. Nothing really odd about that, but the dude had no Facebook account, no Twitter, no nothing- I didn’t even know his email address. A couple weeks later I hear him rattling around at 7 AM on a Saturday morning- I get up just as he is carrying a load of laundry from his bedroom and heading down to the apartment building laundry room and as he walks by me I notice it’s his bed sheets and I noticed the very distinct smell of urine. After he got out the door, I went and checked the door to his room. Locked tight- and I smell the strong smell of Lysol air freshener coming from under the door. Now I’m thinking okay- the guy either had an accident or he’s an adult bedwetter. Time goes on and he’s getting less and less social and spending more time locked in his room on his computer. And the smell of Lysol coming from under his door was starting to penetrate the hallway and the rest of the apartment. After about five months of this, finally, one Saturday he had to work and I had the day off. As I was walking past his room, I reached over and rattled the doorknob and I hear a click and suddenly the knob turned. I walked into the room. The sheets are off the bed and on the floor. The mattress is stained and all I smell is Lysol and the faint smell of urine. Next to his bed on his night stand is his computer- still on and one of those old USB camera/microphone units. I hit the space bar on his keyboard and the screen saver shuts off and the browser is open to an XXX video chat site that specializes in fetishes. He was in the section for Water Sports. Next to the bed on the floor was a gallon milk jug, half-full of pee. On the night stand on the other side of the bed were various sex toys and a bottle of lube. I started to dig around the files on the computer and I find a bunch of videos. The first one I open is a guy standing over a lady and peeing all over her face. The next one I opened was my roommate- lying in bed, not a stitch of clothing on, on his back and peeing all over his own face and into his own mouth. I closed out the files, put the computer back to where I found it and HAD to get out of the room because the smell of Lysol was so overwhelming and giving me a massive headache. I locked and shut the door (and jiggled the doorknob again- it unlocked the door again). When he got home that night I told him we had to talk. He said fine and I told him that the smell coming from under his door out into the hallway was starting to get into my bedroom and around the rest of the apartment and giving me a massive headache. I said either stop “whatever it is you are doing in there” or get out of the apartment. One month later he left. It took at least a month for me to air out his room to the point where you could go in it.
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