little Roommatetricks that empty your wallet

I don’t like to share the whole story, I know one thing, by now I’m pretty sure that ” Bering the friendly , broken and abused Roommate ” is a.profession mastered perfectly by some people.
First they start out being homeless, because some ” Bitch ” or ” Asshole ” did them wrong.
They come along friendly , with all the right subjects for conversations. Later you starting to realize that everything they say was either said on TV, or BY YOURSELF.
At first they have a job, than all of a sudden they don’t.
If they have a job and pay you money, they dont pay enough.
Why , you asked ? It turns out, these roommates have a lot of baggage, after they keep a job for awhile , all their creditors find them and want their money back. A big one is the childsupportoffice.
But roommates gotta eat, so you end up buying the food, because you don’t want the fridge and cabinets empty.
So all of a sudden you nd chipsbags in your cabinet that are empty but for a few broken up crumps.
” What happened to my chips ? ” you say, and Roomy is like : ” Why , they are kn the cabinet ” And yes, they are, a couple crumps on the bottom of the bag look like chips lol
The same thing happen to your poptarts, sandwich meat, frozen pizzarolls, burritos ectr……. All still there , at least the package.
Laundry…….what’s that ?
What the gasbill and electricity bill are so high ? Well, roomy really doesn’t care, because its not in his name, right ?
Those roomys like to have hot loose internetrelationships, because , guess what, they are easy , breazy , beautiful….on the internet .
And while you are in the backyard pulling weed , because your landlord told you have to take care of it, they are in bed having conversations with ” friends ” on the internet.
At some point it dawns on you , that you had those conversations with your roommate before he moved in with you.And that he was telling you about his ” terrible , bossy, chaotic, unresponsible roommate ” and you felt so sorry for him lolololol .
Yeah, if it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.
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