When i was in college i lived with a close friend and some of his friends on campus. For the most part they were cool but one of them had a girlfriend who had to be the biggest moocher on earth. She wasnt on the lease but never left our house. She was always shaving in the bath and leaving her hair in it. Her idea of clean would have made even the most disease ridden fly on earth cringe. Worst part was if anyone other than her boyfriend suggested she clean up her messes she would throw a hissy fit saying it wasnt her house so it wasnt her responsibility. She ate all of our food, took hour long showers, left her space heater on even when she wasnt there thus racking up our electricity bill, and even threw a temper tantrum at me when i made an effort to clean the festering stink hole she made out of our kitchen. All without paying a single penny for rent, food, gas or electricity
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