The lazy alcoholic energy user.

This is also a bit of a venting process of me. I have 3 roommates. My girlfriend,a co worker, and a “friend” that we met in our old apartment complex. So lets call my roommates L,M, and K. M is my girlfriend, L is my co worker, K is the other. So my girlfriend and I met K, in our old apartment complex. He had a roommate and they both had just moved out from Indiana and had been looking for friends. We became close and K’s roommate moved back to Indiana so L, and K were looking for places and we all got a house together. K started off awesome, clean, picked up after himself, blah blah blah. Now I swear he is the laziest most selfish person I know. Lets go over the laziness part first.

The one thing I explained to everyone was my biggest pet peeve is a dirty sink/kitchen area. I specifically explained to not run the dish washer (my previous roommate ran it like 5 times a week because he was too lazy to wash his dishes by hand rather then waiting for it to be full) but to please place your dishes in the washer so its organized and all of it gets cleaned. I come home everyday to his beer bottles in the sink, ketchup and hot sauce stained to a plate, his pots and pans everywhere its disgusting. We even had ants and roaches in the sink before,along with a little mouse that lived with us a few weeks. He does laundry 2-3 times a week because he forgets to take it out of the washer, they end up smelling incredibly moldy. The other day he tells us the dryer is broken (spins but only blows room temperature air) now I am not on the lease because although my girlfriend and I are great together, if something happened we don’t want to be stuck. K however is on the lease, instead of emailing the landlord he tells us to do it because he doesn’t have time (drinks in his room everynight playing xbox.) my girlfriend refuses because he is too lazy to email the guy and she consistently is the problem solver.

Next is his alcoholic side. I have literally gotten into physical altercations multiple times over alcohol with him… He drinks 7 nights a week and 2-3 bottles a week. When he buys he RARELY offers alcohol and when he does. We either say no or take maybe 5% of the bottle. Then when we go to bed, he will finish it by himself, then go to bed drunk wake us at at 6am because hes vomiting his brains out before work. Now because we had 3 shots of ours he will complain on how he always buys. I would always counter argue by saying well your offering it and we barely drink any, you drink 90% of it. Usually this resulted in him screaming and throwing stuff around on the way to his room. So this is what really ticked me off and sparked a bad physical altercation. The last few Sundays my parents have came over and brought a big thing of alcohol for the nfl games. The alcohol is for us to split but essentially they buy it for me. K goes into the kitchen opens up that bottle when he has THREE opened ones in the fridge. Starts ripping shots. by the time anyone noticed. half of it was gone. Now this was the 3rd time this has happened where he has his own bottles/wont buy any because my parents bring something over and he thinks its a freebie. After this time I walked up and smacked the shot out of his hand and started yelling at him. He got angry claiming its a shared thing and I started yelling even more about how hes a selfish little bitch that doesn’t want to drink his own and uses my parents for free alcohol. He pushed me and I threw him to the ground and started beating him to a pulp before I was pulled off. He went to his room. This past sunday a similar situation happened. I bought a small bottle for all of us. Again my parents came over with one. I told them to put it in the fridge because I was gonna save that big one and we can drink the little one. After half way through the little one, he goes inside and grabs the big one and proceeds to open it. I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he doesn’t want the bottle we have and wants this one. I told him to put the bottle back before I beat his ass again. He starts yelling at me about how my mom buys it for us and I started yelling back again saying how I’m not gonna have him drink that bottle by himself when he will drink it all when we have an opened bottle right here. So he continues to try and grab it from my hand. Then he headbutts me, and the altercation begins.

Last is his energy side. He does laundry 3-4 times a week. Washes literally one shirt with a pair of socks, leaves every light on, and like I stated before our dryer is broken, instead of hanging up his clothes, he lets the dryer run for 8 hours a day till they dry.
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