The lazy alcoholic energy user.

tadalista month 2 accutane breakout The one thing I explained to everyone was my biggest pet peeve is a dirty sink/kitchen area. I specifically explained to not run the dish washer (my previous roommate ran it like 5 times a week because he was too lazy to wash his dishes by hand rather then waiting for it to be full) but to please place your dishes in the washer so its organized and all of it gets cleaned. I come home everyday to his beer bottles in the sink, ketchup and hot sauce stained to a plate, his pots and pans everywhere its disgusting. We even had ants and roaches in the sink before,along with a little mouse that lived with us a few weeks. He does laundry 2-3 times a week because he forgets to take it out of the washer, they end up smelling incredibly moldy. The other day he tells us the dryer is broken (spins but only blows room temperature air) now I am not on the lease because although my girlfriend and I are great together, if something happened we don’t want to be stuck. K however is on the lease, instead of emailing the landlord he tells us to do it because he doesn’t have time (drinks in his room everynight playing xbox.) my girlfriend refuses because he is too lazy to email the guy and she consistently is the problem solver.

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