The In-Law

image This is a sad messed up story, warning.

About a year ago, my sister was murdered. I was pregnant at the time and after discussing with my family what the best option was, my husband and my son and I decided to move to the west coast so that our child would not grow up in the grief we all share.
We moved in with my biological father, who had recently moved in with his brother to help with bills. To be clear, we could have gotten our own house, money wasn’t an issue for us but my Uncle needed help because his fiancée was unemployed. She is the problem, she is… The In-Law.
When we first got here, I had money saved up. In an effort to be kind, I volunteered to make dinner often (I was a chef previous to being a mom). I also established right away that I am a clean person and enjoy a clean home. I noticed immediately that their house was dirty (like, had not been vacuumed or cleaned in years).

During the first three months, I cooked, cleaned and bought at least 80% of the food being eaten (by my husband, baby, dad, Uncle and the In-Law). I kept waiting for someone else to stock the fridge or offer to pitch in, and that was a mistake. I just set the stage for being taken advantage of.
I asked for a house meeting to discuss my inability to purchase all the food. I was running out of money.
My uncle and the In-Law responded aggressively, saying that I was not acting like “family”. I suggested putting stickers on my food so they wouldn’t eat it all.
Uncle says it would make him angry to see food he wasn’t allowed to eat in HIS own house. So we buy a separate fridge and keep it in the garage.
I literally spent $900 each of the three months till we bought a fridge. They never offered to help pay it back.
Did I mention we pay rent? We pay more rent here than most other rentals are asking for in the area, so we aren’t getting a friendly or “family” deal. We are here to benefit Uncle and In-Law.
When I think about In-Law, I don’t even know where to start. She had been unemployed about three months when I got here. She continued to be unemployed for almost 6 months after I got here.
What did In-Law do all day, you ask? While I cleaned, cooked and managed my child, she would sit on the couch smoking pot and watching singing competitions (reality TV) ALL DAY. That means from 11am when she woke up till 11pm she went to bed, she was sitting on her ass.
Not only that, but she would steal my food, even food meant for my baby- she would steal my hygiene products too. She never asked, never said thank you and when I brought it up, she blacklisted me and got my Uncle to start treating me with contempt.
What did I do to deserve this? Logic says I should be guilty of something. But guess what? For the first time in my life I’ve been a model citizen. I sent In-Law Christmas gifts before I had even met her. I’ve never done that for my own family, I was really going out of my way to say “hi welcome to the family, let’s be friends.” She didn’t even say thank you.
Pretty much, this beast-woman takes and takes and takes and REFUSES to do anything for anyone else. It’s abhorrent and very noticeable.
She leaves messes everywhere, she doesn’t clean, she will sit and watch her own husband clean her dishes. She is boring, admits that the news and society don’t interest her, she has no will to do anything good on this planet. She wastes food. She wasted food that she stole from me and my family. She wastes coffee, usually forcing someone else to dump out half a canteen after she’s left it attracting ants for two days. She gets jealous when I am crafting and creates her own “masterpieces” which look like.. Shit. No other word to describe her taste and style. She decorated the house with alcohol bottles and Christmas lights, it looks like a college dorm here. Did I mention the In-Law is 50something? Some 25 years older than me and I have to clean after her like a servant. She doesn’t have any books that I’ve seen except for that Shades of Gray crap (real insight into her literary prowess).
Have you ever walked into a home and not seen a single book anywhere? A tv the size of a Volkswagen but no books. Pretentious attitudes abound here, but no books. She watches blockbuster movies aimed at 13 year olds when she’s not trolling Facebook, reposting “soldier reunited with dog” photos over and over. She doesn’t even like dogs. Nor was she or anyone in her family enlisted. Or the random “Christian/god” repost, which is just screamingly hypocritical coming from her. She is slovenly, greedy, manipulative, crude, ineloquent, LAZY BEYOND COMPREHENSION, thoughtless, apathetic, passive-aggressive, vindictive, irrationally jealous of family members, drunken, neurotic, judgmental, thieving, unappreciative and yet still lacks content enough to be a real character, a real villain- did I mention she looks like the twin sister of Gary Busey? I’m not fucking kidding. She startles me when she walks into the room. Every. Time.
She will purposely make messes in areas I’ve just cleaned. Her favorite seems to be leaving her crusty old lady underwear right next to my baby’s bath toys in the bathroom for days, or to throw garbage in/on my things after pilfering through them.
She won’t do any chores, can hardly do her own dishes. But when she does, she makes sure to run the dishwasher, half full, and she makes sure to leave my baby bottles out. I have those Dr Brown bottles and they take a long time to wash by hand. She does this just to make my life difficult, because she is a bitter hag who is THISCLOSE to marrying my uncle and she doesn’t want anyone to tell him “hey you are about to marry a horrible person who will not help you when you are old.”
What’s amazing is that she shouldn’t matter to me. I’m really focused on my sister’s case and my son, I don’t have time nor is it typically in my nature to continue a relationship with a toxic person. But we are kind of stuck for another 3-4 months till we buy a house.
On that thought, I’d like to stop. The In-Law is a nasty force in the world and to anyone reading, just remember that… Toxic people should be avoided!! And if you yourself are toxic, take a step back and realize that everyone is struggling with something, don’t take advantage of people. Life is too short to be so fucking mean.
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2 Responses to The In-Law

  1. Chris John says:

    Sweet mother of God….you have discovered the worst person ever made, ever. I am so sorry for your family’s various hardships 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your situation, especially after every thing you’ve gone through. I’ve got a long list I could go through, but this tidbit in terms of you being the good citizen relates. I got blamed for not being able to get my roomie out of the house because my car broke down and I couldn’t make it to him like I had this planned in advance. What’s worse is he got my friends against me too because of his manipulative ways with people. Don’t have to deal with that anymore thank goodness

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