“King” of the House

imageI’m in a house of five other students close to our college campus, and this one dude is a giant asshole.

We had our first “house meeting” just to set some ground rules and learn a little bit about each other. He created a whole list on a white board and ran the “house” meeting. If you spoke or tried to talk about something else not on the list or out of order he would yell at you. When we finally got a word in about some things we wanted or that bothered us, he told us all that life is tough and we would learn to adapt. Learn to adapt to his way of living, the way he wanted all of us to live in the house.

He doesn’t believe in wireless, cable, or dishwashers. He leaves gigantic messes everywhere and is keeping his mini fridge and half his belongings in our kitchen area. He doesn’t want us to flush to conserve water. He loudly sings and vocalizes all hours of the day. He takes food and materials off of other people’s food shelves.
He wants a of us to post our schedules and show when we are here or not. He wanted to charge a fee for our parking spot, and charge everyone else more for rent since he has to [volunteered to] share a room.

Attached is the photo of him finding a dish with a spot on it. Maybe if you believed in dishwashers it wouldn’t have been there. It’s been a month exactly in our twelve month lease. I will not survive.
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  1. Dovahkiin says:

    leave his fucking ass behind, lease? make him pay and shut him the fuck up. he needs to be put in his place fast. find someone whos a big dude and whoop his ass

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