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Freshman year, all of us are moving into dorms where around 100 of us are stuffed into one hall. I had a single for a while because my first roommate moved out. Singles are awesome to have because you could do ANYTHING. That all disappeared when my new roommate moved in.

At first, I kinda liked him because he was energetic and willing to do things. He lived like a nomad only carrying some stuff with him and it seemed great because he isn’t carrying too much shit with him. As the days rolled by, every little bit about him I started to hate even more.

Firstly, he’s a smoker. Since our campus is considered to be “smoke-free” he gets away with it by crossing the street and smoking where no one could stop him. Then after he finishes, he comes back in and brings along that pungent stench of tobacco with him. Because he didn’t technically break any rules, the RA couldn’t really do anything but tell me to talk to him and deal with it myself.

Secondly, he does weed. Weed or any drugs aren’t allowed on campus, but this guy will do anything to get his fix. He invites his friends over to our room and proceeds to light it up with the window open so the smoke detector doesn’t catch it. I told the RA about this, but he hasn’t done anything about it because he hasn’t caught him in the act. So not only do I have to deal with smoker’s breath, but weed as well.

Thirdly, he sleeps all day. This normally isn’t a problem, unless he starts asking me to do stuff for him because he doesn’t want to get his ass up from bed. The one thing he asks me that pisses me off is that before I leave and when he’s still sleeping is for me to lock the door behind him. Of course, it’s not hard and wouldn’t want anyone to murder him in his sleep. Problem is he won’t do the same for me. When I go to sleep and when he heads out, he doesn’t lock the door behind him and I’m practically unconscious in bed. Furthermore, he always sleeps with the window open. We live on the first floor where rooms are always being broken into and robbed, but that isn’t enough to convince this idiot. Even more so, he wonders why when he wakes up the room is so cold and why he gets sick in the morning. The prime time was when it was storming and couldn’t feel the rough winds and rain on him.

Fourthly, he brings in a lot of people. I swear one time, I went to the bathroom for 5 minutes to brush my teeth and wash my face, and when I got back, 7 guys spawned in our room to watch him play League. Another time, I came back from the shower and 1 guy and 3 girls spawned in our room to eat edibles. Not easy going to sleep with a bunch of these guys around.

Fifthly, people enter our room at random times. Because he’s so popular with the hall, people just walk right on in our room without as so much of a knock. I try to lock the door, but this jackass will always “go to the bathroom” and leaves it unlocked when he gets back. Going back to when I go to sleep, since he doesn’t lock the room, anyone could just come in and take all of our stuff. Often times, I’m doing homework with my headphones on and don’t notice someone entering our room to take something off his desk. Seriously, just a bunch of jackasses here.

Sixthly, he always uses my stuff and eats my food. We agreed on sharing a lot of my stuff, but he just keeps abusing it. For example, the printer is mine, but holy shit he burns through my copy paper. Every time I complain, I get a “sorry” but that’s it, he’ll keep on doing it. My hairdryer and hair wax is neatly in my corner, but he’ll use it and won’t put it back to where it belongs. And then the food, omg, the food. He has nothing on his side and has to ask me for mine. When I’m not in the room, he’ll just help himself. A lot of my ramen and chips are gone because of him. Of course, won’t touch the other stuff because that actually requires cooking, which he’s too lazy to do.

Seventhly, he’s messy as fuck. My side is very neat and I would show a picture but I want to keep my identity a secret, so just take my word for it. His drawers are filled with assortments of weed products and trash. He never folds his laundry, it’s all just in a basket that he picks out of it. He never takes out the trash, I have to. The thing I caught him doing really set me off; he ate off my desk because it was neat and empty compared to his cluttered and messy desk.

My room change request isn’t going through so the staff just tell me to deal with it until the quarter ends. Luckily, next year, I’m moving into an apartment with 4 other friends who are way neater.
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  1. Griff says:

    Get used to this in life. Psychopathy is on the rise.

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