Just a list

I’m just going to leave a list. 1) Has good job, buys nice stuff whenever he wants but can never get me his share of the rent on time. 2) Too lazy to do dishes, so he uses paper plates, plastic silverware and plastic cups but never empties the trash. 3) Smokes in the bathroom with the fan on then sprays tons of air freshener to cover it up thinking he is getting away with it. 4) Totally denies that his little drop-kick dog pees everywhere despite the yellow stains in the carpet by all the chair legs. 5) Dirty clothes everywhere. Every. Where. Dirty underwear even on the kitchen counter. 6) Can’t replace a used up roll of paper towels or toilet paper. Can’t seem to ever remember to buy the same. 7) Leaves the toilet seat down when he pees. Can’t aim at all. 8) Gets up frequently for midnight snacks. Crumbs everywhere. 9) Says “Dinner’s on me tonight!” then forgets his wallet. 10) Thinks there’s nothing wrong with walking into the kitchen and cutting a loud fart while I’m eating breakfast. 11) Never remembers to lock the door and when he does he forgets his keys.

The worst thing is? He’s my boyfriend and I still love him.
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  1. Babs says:

    Shoulda titled this “12 things I hate about you”

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