idk wat we did wrong

Moved into this giant house with my fiancĂ©, his oldest friend was already living there with his on-off girlfriend; the guys had thought it would be cool to live together for years now. WRONG! The piles of dishes were just the start but it was after girlfriend admitted to using the detachable shower nozzle to clean out her butthole for anal sex that I tried to say woah we cant live here. Too bad, the landlord frowned very much on the idea of us breaking lease and threatened to charge a large fee. It is now 6 months into it and they don’t speak to us anymore, ever. They have sectioned off most of the house from us and spend days on end fighting in these closed off rooms (and dining room with door). We have tried killing them with kindness to salvage the decade long friendship the guys had but …. even after doing the piles of laundry they live in the halls, washing ourselves in a basin to avoid the showerhead of EW and not complaining when they eat our food….we still cant even get a “hi” back………..the one redeeming feature is how close it is to both of our works.
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  1. zalia says:

    That’s what a detachable showerhead is for–to clean all areas of your body. Lol. It’s not like she stuck the hose up her ass.

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