Horrible People

This was the first random roommate I had found, and I hope I Never have to see S again. Previously I would always room up with a buddy, but I had just moved to a new town and needed a place to stay quick. I should have known that I should have ran away when I went to take a shower the morning after moving in, and the shower curtain was 3/4th covered in mold… How would a human put up with this a new shower curtain is 3 bucks….. Patches of mold were exploding out of the shower tiles… This bathtub looks like it has never been cleaned…. LESSON # 1. INSPECT EVERY INCH OF THE BATHROOM BEFORE MOVING IN.

The worst is when she has loud sex (WITH HER DOOR OPEN) with her girlfriend. Yes… Loud sex with open doors…… Fucking disgusting. Luckily it only occurs when they are drunk so I have some time to take cover…..

Second worse is the Kitchen situation, and this is why I’m actually writing this, to help other folks out. My disgusting roommate would leave pots / dishes with old food sitting around for up to a month. It got so bad there were maggots growing in the sink and the smell was unbearable. It was a chore even to come home. The sink is two sided, and one side was always spotless. You would think she would get the message sooner or later… But it took some somewhat aggressive action on my part.


– Buy a 32 gallon plastic bin and throw all your roommates dirty shit in there. If its really smelly you can saran wrap the bin to keep your apartment fresher.

– Buy another 32 gallon plastic bin to keep in your room with all your clean dishes. Your disgusting roommate will become furious when she cant find your dishes and be forced to open her nasty ass moldy bin full of her own shit.

Good luck — Keep your head high, and find a new place to go if you can! Otherwise stick it out and learn from your experience so the next time around you can hopefully avoid that disgusting human trying to fuck your life up.1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (4 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)


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