What the hell?

I’ve known “Tom” for six years now. For three years I worked with him, then he left that job for a better opportunity but we stayed friends. Ten months ago he broke up with his partner of ten years. They had purchased a house together early in their relationship and at first thought that they could continue living together as roommates and keep the house, but things didn’t work out and they put the house on the market. The house sold pretty fast. I have a spare room in my house, needed the extra money so I offered it to Tom for a dirt-cheap rent of $300.00 a month, including everything but food. About a week after Tom moved in he asked me if I minded if some friends of his came over- a Gay couple, one guy in his 60’s and his boyfriend in his 30’s.

I said no problem. They came over and Tom fixed a nice dinner- we all ate then sat down to watch movies on Netflix. The older guy took my chair- no big deal, I didn’t tell him in was my usual spot and I just sat on the couch. Half way through the first movie I turn around and that guy had taken all his clothes off and was sitting in my chair butt-ass naked. The movie ends and Tom says to his friends “Wanna go to my room now?” and they say yes. Off they go and for the next hour or so I’m sitting in the living room alone feeling very uncomfortable hearing the obvious sounds of sex coming from Tom’s bedroom door then they all come out together- all nude- and head into bathroom and jump into the shower then they come out, get dressed and the couple leaves. Tom tells me he’s hitting the sack and goes to bed and that’s that. The very next weekend Tom and the same two guys go out to a bar, come back at around 1 AM then the three of them head into Tom’s bedroom and start going at it again. The next morning I wake up and find the younger of the couple standing in my kitchen naked drinking a cup of coffee and Tom and the older guy are in the shower together. After the couple left, I confronted Tom and said I didn’t mind if he had friends over but if they were going to wander around my house to at least put on some clothes- especially if the curtains are wide open and anyone walking by the house can look right in. Two weeks later Tom has another Gay couple over on a Saturday night and the three of them are downing wine like it’s going out of style. They’re all in the kitchen and I’m in the living room. I got up to get something to drink and when I walk in the kitchen Tom and one of the guys are standing up groping each other’s crotches and kissing and the other guy is sitting at the kitchen table looking at them with a big smile on his face. Ten minutes later the three of them are in Tom’s bedroom going at it- with the bedroom door wide open. I walk over, shut the door and return to watching TV in the living room. The couple ended up spending the night and in the morning I get up and Tom and one of the couple are in the kitchen wearing nothing but t-shirts while the other one is in the shower. It’s been the same thing every weekend since Tom moved in. One of the two couples comes over and the three of them end up in Tom’s room having sex. Two weeks ago BOTH couples came over and what went on in Tom’s bedroom I do not want to know- but at one point it carried out into the living room after I had gone to bed. I woke up, heard something in the living room and went out to look only to find the older guy sitting in my chair with one of the guys from the other couple with his head buried in the older guy’s crotch. The next morning I wake up and one of the couples is cuddled up together sleeping on my couch- both of them nude. I was royally pissed off. After they all cleared out of my house I told Tom what he does with whom in his bedroom is his business but he has to keep it in his bedroom and no more overnight guests. Tom got all pissed off at me and told me they were all too drunk to drive home and he was just being nice. I’m a real tolerant guy and can put up with a lot of shit but I told Tom enough. My house is not his personal sex-den for three-ways and orgies with all his buddies. Regretting letting him move in with me…
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2 Responses to What the hell?

  1. twistedbrother says:

    My roommate my freshman year was gay and one night I came back to the room from a party and opened the door and there was my roommate all naked and bent over his desk chair with this dude who lived a few doors down from us boning him in the butt. The dude pulled his dick out of my roommate’s ass and grabs his shirt to cover up his boner and he’s like begging me not to tell anyone what they was doing. He leaves and my roommate’s like cracking up laughing telling me how the dude came in the room all nervous and shit saying he was like super horny and wanted to know what it was like to fuck another dude.

  2. Andi says:

    Grade A stuff. I’m unubsetionaqly in your debt.

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